Student Testimonials


Conley Harris is a freshman majoring in Mass Media Arts and Speech Communication at HBU. She is also an athlete, representing HBU in beach volleyball. “School of Fine Arts offers many opportunities to expand my learning experience and prepares me for future professional careers however my favorite aspect of HBU is the Christian atmosphere. There are many opportunities on campus to get involved with brothers and sisters in Christ.” Conley loves that her major is very hands on and teaches her to come up with creative ways to overcome problems.


Bryce Reynolds, a sophomore majoring in Art at HBU. She isn’t only a student, but also a great soccer player and a member of a nearby church! “I like HBU because it’s such a positive environment. I have a great relationship with all my teachers and I really feel like they care about me improving academically. The school of fine arts is a place where I can be creative. My teachers are always showing me new techniques and mediums to explore and I’m constantly creating new pieces” she says. She was so inspired by her teachers so that she wants to pursue a career in teaching to “teach others everything I’ve
learned here.”



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