MFA Housing Survey (January 2020)

  • In order to complete our planning for the upcoming retreats, we’d like to ask you to complete this brief survey:
  • As we plan meals during the retreat, please let us know of any specific restrictions we should keep in mind.
  • The January retreat in Galveston will include lodging at a hotel, classes held nearby, and some limited travel around the island. As we finalize lodging and retreat facilities, please let us know of any potential accessibility concerns we should keep in mind.
  • During the first retreat in Galveston (Jan 5–11), your tuition covers a shared hotel room with one other student in the program. If you would prefer your own hotel room, we can provide that for an additional fee of $400. Please note here whether you would like a private room, or if you have any requests for a specific roommate.
  • Please let us know whether you will be driving to the retreat in Galveston so that we can ensure sufficient parking is available. If you anticipate needing assistance with transportation or are traveling long-distance for the retreat, please let us know your situation.
  • The two-week-long residency, May 11-22, will be held on HBU's campus in southwest Houston. Students are welcome to stay in our dorms for free during the residency (with a roommate). Please let us know if you anticipate staying on-campus during the May retreat or would prefer to commute from home (this is only for initial planning purposes and can be changed if need be).
  • If you have any questions or additional information that would be helpful for us to consider, please include it here.
  • Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!
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