MFA Survey: January 2020 Residency (Tentative Details)

We are so excited to gather together again for our January Writers Retreat! We have been busily preparing for this event and have a really wonderful week planned. I think that you will all treasure the time with our new guest speakers, as each of them are tremendously thoughtful, generous, and talented.

Schedule & Format

Our next residency will take place January 10–16, 2021.

Our tentative class schedule is:
• Sunday, January 10 — 5:00 to 8:30 pm
• Mon–Fri, Jan 11 to 15 — 1:00 to 9:30 pm (optional lunch, 12-1 pm and dinner, 6:15-7:15 pm)
• Saturday, January 16 — 1:00 to 6:00 pm (optional lunch, 12-1 pm)

We are planning to offer this residency in a hybrid format, allowing for both in-person and remote participation. HBU has successfully offered in-person classes throughout the fall semester and we plan to continue to utilize recommended and required health guidelines to provide a reasonably safe environment for our students, faculty, and guests to gather on HBU’s campus for select special events throughout the week.

However, most class sessions will be facilitated exclusively through Zoom. We recognize that not all of our students will be able to join us in-person and some of our faculty and guests are also planning to only participate remotely. With this in mind, we are seeking to provide as consistent of an experience as possible for all participants, whether in-person or online. We are planning to host events that require less intensive interaction (such as lectures, screenings, and readings) on-campus with a live-stream option, while our more interactive classes and workshops will remain primarily on Zoom.

For those comfortable joining us in-person, we will also be providing meals on campus throughout the week. We are eager to reconnect in these more informal contexts and look forward to the conversations and friendships that are fostered in these environments. Please complete the survey below to help us finalize our plans…

Special Guests

We are thrilled to have four fantastic artists joining us this January to help us explore the craft of writing.

Scott CairnsScott Cairns is the author of The End of Suffering, Idiot Psalms, and Short Trip to the Edge. An award-winning poet and memoirist, as well as a gifted professor with extensive experience teaching in MFA programs, Cairns brings an incisive and thoughtful perspective to writing, art, and theology. Cairns has written eight books of poetry and his work has appeared in The Atlantic, The Paris Review, The New Republic, Poetry, and elsewhere, and has been anthologized in Best Spiritual Writing and Best American Spiritual Writing. Besides writing poetry, Cairns has also written a spiritual memoir, Short Trip to the Edge, and the libretto for the oratorios “The Martyrdom of Saint Polycarp” and “A Melancholy Beauty.” Spirituality plays an integral role in Cairns’ writing; in an interview, he said, “I’ve come to think of beauty as how God woos us to himself. One doesn’t so much create it or illuminate it as partake of it. Thereafter, one participates, collaborates, in its endless development.”

Julio & Marla QuintanaJulio & Marla Quintana are filmmakers from Austin, TX. Julio is the writer and director of The Vessel (2016), a spiritually poetic feature film starring Martin Sheen and shot on-location in Puerto Rico. After studying comparative religion at the University of Texas, Julio went on to work on The Tree of Life (2011) and To The Wonder (2012) where he developed his unique style under the mentorship of legendary director Terrence Malick. Marla Quintana, his wife, served as the producer of The Vessel and the 2017 documentary, Disgraced. She is now producing Julio’s second feature film, On the Line, starring Dennis Quaid.

Matthew AughtryMatthew Aughtry is a minister, Texas-based filmmaker, and an adjunct professor at Baylor University, where he presently serves as the Assistant Director of Spiritual Life. He is a Brehm Scholar in Theology & the Arts from Fuller Theological Seminary, where he wrote and directed the short film, Mothers of the Desert. Rev. Aughtry will be leading January’s Faith, Culture, and the Arts course.

Participation Poll — Please Complete ASAP…

As we make our final plans for January’s retreat, we would like to ask each of you to share with us your anticipated level of in-person participation. We understand that this may be contingent on fluctuating conditions and we are not asking for a firm commitment at this time. Regardless of whether you plan to attend in-person, we are committed to providing a thorough, consistent, and rewarding experience for all of our students.

January 2020 MFA Residency - Tentative Plans

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  • If you have any other requests or questions, share them here...

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