Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting

Beginning in 2020, HBU’s School of Fine Arts will offer a Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting. The workshop-driven program will prepare students to craft compelling scripts for film, television, video games and emerging digital mediums, expanding HBU’s dedication to high-caliber artistic training at the graduate level.

The new degree is designed to facilitate extensive interaction with professional screenwriters serving as guest instructors, as well as ongoing mentorship from HBU’s exceptional full-time Cinema & New Media Arts faculty. Building on a rich foundation of apprenticeship and critical studies already thriving in the current MFA in Studio Art, the MFA in Screenwriting will launch alongside a new MFA in Creative Writing, providing three unique and specialized graduate programs in the School of Fine Arts.

For professional screenwriters, the Master of Fine Arts also serves as a terminally-qualifying degree, allowing successful graduates to teach at the university level, although the primary goal of the MFA is to nurture each student’s creative potential, ensuring that their artistic craft is sharpened and developed throughout their time in the program.

Most importantly, the core of this degree remains HBU’s steadfast commitment to providing a learning experience that instills in students a passion for academic, spiritual and professional excellence as a result of our Christian convictions. Students will learn how this faith has guided writers, storytellers and artists throughout history and be inspired by this rich heritage as together we seek to craft new works reflecting our Creator’s goodness, truth and beauty.

Applications for the inaugural class, beginning January 2020, are now open! A writing portfolio is required for admission.

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