Cinematic Arts Degree: Cinema & New Media Arts

Cinema and New Media Arts (CNMA)

The Cinema & New Media Arts (CNMA) program provides a challenging, creative environment for students to develop their artistic abilities and prepare for future work in multimedia production. Taking advantage of developing technology, the curriculum is uniquely focused on new opportunities available to filmmakers, media artists and storytellers in the 21st century. The program offers students ample opportunities for practical, hands-on experience coupled with mentorship from experienced faculty members. All of this is designed to prepare students for a variety of pursuits, including filmmaking, digital design, video games, and emerging opportunities in new media and technology.

Three degrees are available to CNMA students: a streamlined 40-credit-hour BA in Mass Media Arts, a comprehensive 57-credit-hour BFA in Cinematic Arts, and a 58-credit-hour BFA in Interactive Media & Digital Design.

Mass Media Arts (BA)

The BA in Mass Media Arts begins with four foundational classes in visual media, storytelling, communication theory and business skills before offering students a variety of media-related electives. Students can select film/video production classes, creative writing and journalism courses, and special topics like public relations or video-game design. Mass Media Arts students also take part in multiple professional internships with Houston-based media companies and organizations. Each graduate of the Mass Media Arts degree completes a professional portfolio showcasing his or her best work within the program.

The BFA in Cinematic Arts expands this curriculum by providing students a comprehensive education in filmmaking and video production. In addition to the foundational CNMA classes, our Cinematic Arts students take multiple classes within specific areas of specialization, such as screenwriting, directing, editing or cinematography. The degree also offers numerous classes in film history and theory designed to provide students important foundations for their artistic work. The final year of the Cinematic Arts degree is focused on faculty-directed practicums and a two-semester senior project designed to showcase the student’s best cinematic skills.

A minor in Cinema & New Media Arts (18 credit hours) is also available.

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