Houston Theological Seminary Graduate Degrees

Master of Divinity (MDiv)– 72 hours. As a preparation for vocational ministry, our MDiv focuses on giving you the core skills needed to understand and apply the Bible in your particular cultural context. So, whether your classes focus on biblical, systematic, or practical theology, our goal is to help you integrate these so that your ministry is holistic—faithful to God’s word and relevant to our culture. Available residentially and online.

MA in Christian Leadership (MACL)– 36 hours. The MACL program is specifically designed to prepare you for the practice of ministry by giving you a grounding in the core elements of the Bible and Christian Theology. At the heart of the program, we have a number of classes that focus on honing your ministry skills. Our church-based partnership means that our professors are working on the front lines of ministry rather than just theorizing about it. Available residentially and online.

MA in Theological Studies (MATS)– 36 hours. The MATS program is specifically designed to ground you in the core elements of the Bible and Theology while give you opportunities for further specialization in Biblical Studies, Theology, Biblical Languages, and Entrepreneurial Leadership. It is especially designed to prepare you for further academic work at the graduate level. The program is offered fully online as well as in-person, with classes that meet once per week in-person in the evenings. Available residentially and online.

MA in Apologetics (MAA)– 36 hours. The MAA degree is intended to provide students with interdisciplinary training in apologetics so that they understand and engage with contemporary worldviews and culture in order to transform the world for Christ, as academics, as apologists, and as followers of Christ. Available residentially and online.

MA in Intercultural Studies (MAIS)– 36 hours. The MAIS program builds a foundation on biblical and theological training and then focuses directly on intercultural evangelism and missional training applicable to a wide range of contexts, including multicultural ministry. Graduates from the MAIS would be prepared for positions in the local church and the mission field. Available primarily online with residential options.

MA in Biblical Languages (MABL)– 36 hours. The MABL program gives you the ability to read the Bible in its original languages with an understanding of grammatical, semantic, rhetorical, exegetical and hermeneutical issues. Available residentially and partially online.

MA in Classics & Early Christianity (MACEC)– 36 hours. The MACEC program is an interdisciplinary degree, combining theology, history and philosophy. It provides ideal preparation for doctoral-level study in Second-Temple Judaism, biblical languages, classics, or study in the New Testament and early Christianity. Available residentially and partially online.

*Doctor of Ministry (DMin)– 30 hours. The DMin program is designed to be a formative experience for Christian leaders who want to bring together subject-matter expertise to the challenges of contemporary ministry. With tracks in New Testament studies and Faith & Culture, leaders can be academically and spiritually formed. The program is hybid in format, focused on one-week residentials each semester.

*Pending Approval from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).