HBU Theology Conference

Why Does the Old Testament Matter:

Dead Weight or an Anchor to Christian Faith?

Houston Theological Seminary

March 1-2, 2019

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From the earliest days of the Christian faith, Christians have struggled with the question of how the newness of Christ relates to the Old Testament. In fact, it is almost accepted as a truism today among most Christians that the God of the Old Testament is mad, angry, and vengeful, but the God of the New Testament is forgiving and gracious. And yet, Christianity is the fulfillment of OT promises and expectations. Should we leave behind the Old Testament? Should we only be “New Testament Christians”? In our 2019 Houston Theological Seminary Theology Conference, we address these very questions and explore the relevance of the Old Testament for Christian faith and practice. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Daniel Block, will address this under the rubric “All Scripture is My Scripture: Rehitching the First Testament to Christian Faith.” In addition, we will have a variety of other speakers from HBU and Second Baptist Church, representing academic and pastoral perspectives.


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Conference at a Glance:

Dates: March 1-2, 2019 (Friday: 7p-9p; Saturday: 9a-12p)
Location: Second Baptist Church at their Woodway campus (see below).
Registration: General $20; Students $10; HBU Affiliated Free
Questions: theology@hbu.edu; 281-649-3383


The conference fee is $20 for general admission, includes conference costs as well as refreshments and coffee. The fee for area students is $10. The conference is free for HBU-affiliated students and staff, but please RSVP by emailing theology@hbu.edu from your HBU email address (no registration form required). Other accommodations and meals are not included in the conference fee.

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Key Note Speaker: Dr Daniel Block

To help us engage this question about the relevance of the Old Testament, our keynote speaker is Dr. Daniel Block, Gunther H. Knoedler Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Wheaton College. His areas of interest span most of the Old Testament. Dr Block has devoted years of research to a variety of OT texts like Ezekiel, Judges, Ruth, and Deuteronomy, and he has published numerous books, articles and essays on these and other themes. He also has been heavily involved in the production of the New Living Translation of the Bible. We’re excited to have him bring his expertise to our questions.


Friday, March 1
6:30pm – Check-In Opens
7:00pm – Conference Introduction
7:15pm – “A Dirge for the First Testament in American Evangelical Faith” – Dr. Daniel Block
8:20pm – Reception
9:00pm – Close for Evening

Saturday, March 2
8:30am – Coffee
9:00am – “A Prescription for the Resurrection of All Scripture in Evangelical Faith” – Dr. Daniel Block
9:45am – Break to Parallel Sessions – bathroom breaks- coffee etc.
10:00am – Parallel Sessions Round 1 (20-25 min each + 10-15 min Q&A)

  • “What about Mary? The Five Mothers of the Messiah” – Craig Evans
  • “Law and Gospel: Grace, Works, and the Covenant across the Old and New Testament” – Paul Sloan
  • “Polygamy Among the Godly: Making Sense of the Old Testament Practice” – Chris Hopf

11:00am – Parallel Session Round 2 (20-25 min each + 10-15 min Q&A)

  • “Prospect and Retrospect: How to Handle the Two Testaments” – Chris Kugler
  • “The Presence of God from the Temple to the Church” – Adam Harger
  • “Threats to One Story and One God: Ancient and Modern” – Randy Hatchett

12:00pm – Conference Concludes

Conference Location

Second Baptist Church
6410 Woodway Drive
Houston, Texas 77057
Building- Woodway Village; Look for building marked with “Second Students”

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