HBU Embark

July 15-19, 2019

Open to all college-bound students, regardless of institution.

Why Attend Embark?

HBU Embark strives to equip college-bound students to defend their faith and grow in their personal, spiritual, and social lives.

College freshmen today have their beliefs tested more intensely than ever before. Many do not remain faithful. The Bible teaches that Christians will face many trials and should be able to give reasons for the faith they profess. Join us and acquire the tools to build Christian community on your campus and answer objections to your faith – while exploring the exciting city of Houston.

Registration and Cost

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Program Elements

Dining & Housing

  • Four nights in HBU residence halls
  • Four off-campus excursions
  • Meals in HBU Baugh Center


  • Small groups with HBU Upperclassmen mentors
  • Eight Christian Worldview sessions
  • Four college essentials sessions

Topics Covered

Christian Worldview

  • Theistic arguments
  • Historicity of the Bible
  • Jesus and other religions
  • Problem of evil
  • Faith and science
  • What is truth?
  • Faith and film/media
  • Archaeology and the Bible

College Essentials

  • Time management & study skills
  • Financial literacy & mental health
  • Conflict management
  • Calling and Vocation
  • Small group sessions & Community building

71 percent

71% of 18-29 year olds who complete college do not attend church

(I. Source: Pew Research)

60 percent

60% of those that left religion did so because they “stopped believing in the religion’s teachings”

(I. Source: Public Religion Research Institute & Religion News Service)

Four Times

Young adults today are 4x more likely to identify as “no religion” than young adults in the previous generation

(I. Source: Public Religion Research Institute & Religion News Service)

60 percent

60% of tenured professors have unfavorable feelings towards evangelicals

(I. Source: Institute for Jewish & Community Research)

Contact us at embark@HBU.edu

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