Breakout Sessions

Student Track


Science & Faith 101 – Prof. Melissa Travis – This session will introduce students to the contemporary science and faith discussion, including the often ignored or misunderstood underlying philosophical issues. Professor Travis will provide answers to important questions such as: Are science and Christianity fully compatible? Does the scientific evidence support the case for God? What kind of arguments are useful in conversations with the science-oriented skeptic?


Worldview & Pop Culture – Dr. Tyler McNabb & Dr. Philip Tallon – Come learn how to identify and compare worldviews–Christian and otherwise–as well as how to spot worldviews in popular culture. This session will teach students the building blocks of worldview analysis and identify some common worldviews in popular culture.   

Spanish-Language Track

Mr. Richard Houston and Mr. Christopher Du-Pond 


Taller #1 – La apologética – una herramienta eficaz para el evangelismo amistoso.

La apologética cristiana es más que un ejercicio intelectual para ganar argumentos. Mas bien sirve como un instrumento muy útil y eficaz en el contexto de conversaciones agradables entre amigos sobre temas espirituales. Este taller explicará como responder en una forma inteligente y amigable a las doce objeciones más comunes a la fe cristiana. Se recomienda ejemplos de este tipo de conversaciones en

Apologetics – an effective tool in friendship evangelism

Christian apologetics is more than just an intellectual exercise to win arguments. Rather it serves as a useful and effective instrument in the context of pleasant conversations between friends regarding spiritual topics. This breakout session will explain how to respond in an intelligent and friendly way to the twelve most common objections to the Christian faith. We recommend examples of this type of conversations at


Taller #2 – Evidencias de la Resurrección

El respaldo más sólido de la fe cristiana se encuentra en las evidencias históricas de la Resurrección de Jesús. Una examinación y conocimiento de estas evidencias no solamente fortalecerá tu fe sino te proveerá una confianza serena al compartir tu fe con otros. Este taller te explicará como y porque las evidencias a favor de la Resurrección de Jesús afirman la historicidad y veracidad de nuestra fe.

Evidences for The Resurrection

The most solid support in favor of the Christian faith is found in the evidences for the Resurrection of Jesus. An examination and knowledge of these evidences not only will strengthen your faith but also provide you with a serene confidence as you share your faith with others. This breakout session will explain to you how and why the evidences supporting the Resurrection of Jesus affirm the historicity and veracity of our faith. 


Regular Breakout Sessions 


The Gospel as a Good Catastrophe: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Literary Apologetics – Dr. Holly Ordway  

J.R.R. Tolkien shows us the power and possibility of literary apologetics – even though he would never have described himself as an apologist! Tolkien has touched the imagination and hearts of millions of readers with The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit – reaching countless people who would never consider picking up an apologetics book! Indeed, my own experience as a former atheist speaks to the power of Tolkien’s work, as I first encountered the Gospel in his writings. In this session, we will explore Tolkien’s ideas about how stories, and fantasy in particular, can show people the meaning of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ: the most powerful “happy ending” of all.  

Spiritual Discovery Groups–Mr. Garry Poole  

Discover an innovative approach to reaching out to people far from God. Spiritual Discovery Groups provide a safe place for non-Christians to investigate spiritual matters at their own pace and encounter biblical truths for themselves. In this breakout you will learn a simple step-by-step process to facilitate informal, on-going life-changing discussions with spiritual seekers. You will also find out how to unleash your evangelistic potential—even if you don’t see yourself as an evangelist.  


Old Testament: History or Hoax? – Prof. Kristen Davis 

Christianity is often undermined by the claim that the Old Testament should be viewed as a collection of moral stories rather than as an historical narrative of God’s interaction with real people, in real places, at real points in history. However, if Abraham, Moses, David, and others were not real people a significant amount of our understanding of God’s nature and interaction with mankind is lost. This presentation explores the reliability of the Old Testament, responding to specific arguments against the historical accuracy of the Scriptural narrative. 

 Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? – Dr. Jerry Walls 

The question of whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God is a complicated one that embraces a number of issues.  Do we believe essentially the same thing about God?  Do different beliefs require difference of worship?  Is sameness of worship necessary for salvation?  What about Jews?  Do Christians worship the same God as Jews? I will sort out these questions and argue that Christians and Muslims not worship the same God. 

 Understanding Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses – Dr. Jeff Green 

America has long been a land of new ideas and innovate thinking.  Two new and fast-growing religious movements have arisen out of the American experience, Mormonism and that of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. These two religions have spread across the globe and are increasingly part of the landscape in our political and social discourse. Join Dr. Green as we learn more about the origins of these groups and the way we can winsomely and effectively confront the challenge they pose to Christianity. 

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