Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies is ideal for students who want to effectively communicate the gospel to their church, local community, and the world. The MAIS builds on biblical and theological training, the degree focuses on intercultural evangelism and missional training applicable to a wide range of contexts, including multicultural ministry. Graduates from the MAIS would be prepared for positions in the local church and the mission field.

Offered fully online, the program offers the best of HBU with the convenience of learning anywhere, anytime.

Program Overview

Our 36-hour MAIS program is built on a 15-hour core in Bible, Theology, and Practical Theology. Students will take an additional 15 hours of practical classes focused on Evangelism and Missions, along with 6 hours of electives that can include Apologetics, Biblical languages, or other areas of interest. Students have the option to pursue ministry internships (Mentored Ministry) in an area of their own choosing in their local communities.

Distinctives of the Program and Faculty

HBU’s School of Christian Thought has a world-class faculty with specialization in Apologetics, Evangelism, Missions, and Theology. Leading evangelists, missiologists, and apologists include Mary Jo Sharp, Nancy Pearcey, William Lane Craig, Brian Hébert, Christopher Sneller, Garry Poole, Holly Ordway, and Craig Evans.

Why HBU?

Instructor Contact & Small Class Size: HBU’s graduate online classes provide close contact with experts in their area of study, as well as small class sizes (20 of fewer).

Mere Christian Emphasis: We value and draw from our Baptist background, but our faculty and students come from a wide range of traditions and denominations.

Practical Training for Ministry: This program is intended for students pursuing vocational ministry or service in parachurch ministries. Many of our faculty serve as pastors, practicing evangelists, or serve in missional contexts. The MAIS is ideal for students pursuing careers in evangelism, missions, apologetics, or local church ministry.

Hear what our students have to say about HBU:

“At HBU, the professors genuinely care about their students; they reach out, and they pray for them.”– Karise Gilliland

“I used to be opposed to online learning and had always been a strong advocate of brick-and-mortar education…Living in Japan, I realized that if I wanted to continue my education, I would need to choose either a school I’m not enthusiastic about or take classes online at a school of choice…I contacted Houston Baptist University and registered for its online program…In some ways, my online classes have been more rigorous than my brick-and-mortar classes because of the increased opportunities to participate. I got a lot out of — and contributed a lot into — my online classes. To say ‘I was satisfied’ is an understatement.”– D. R. Asperheim

Program Requirements

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The MAIS curriculum comprises 36 units. All students take a general Core of courses in graduate writing, Christian theology, Biblical studies, evangelism, and missions. In these courses, students develop writing and communication skills for graduate-level academic writing as well as practical evangelism and multicultural ministry work, and gain a foundation in theology and Scripture.

Students can focus on evangelism and apologetics through courses in practical church ministry and apologetics communication, or on intercultural communication and leadership with a focus on missions.

Additionally, students can take electives that enrich their vocational goals, as well as mentored ministry in a particular area of focus relevant to their career goals.

Students also have the option to enrich their studies by taking one-unit elective classes in Houston on special topics, such as philosophical apologetics topics with William Lane Craig.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact HBU’s Graduate School.