Department of Apologetics

School of Christian Thought

The Department of Apologetics offers the Master of Arts in Apologetics, which includes both a Cultural Apologetics track and a Philosophical Apologetics track. The MA in Apologetics (both Cultural and Philosophical) is available as a fully online degree or as a residential program.

Why Study Apologetics?

Christian apologists give reasons for the hope that is within us (1 Peter 3:15) to help people come to faith in Christ. We challenge false ideas that form obstacles to belief in Christ, and that give rise to disorder in human persons and in society. Within the Church, we help Christians have a stronger faith and live out Christ’s call to love God with our heart, mind, soul and strength.

What can I do with an Apologetics degree?

Students with academic apologetics training can go on to further graduate study; teach in a variety of disciplines; engage in ministry in local churches and in parachurch ministry; create film, art, music, and literature from a Christian perspective; and develop new approaches to ministry within professional fields. Our partnership with Ratio Christi provides additional opportunities for employment or ministry work as an apologist on college campuses.

Why study at HBU?

  • Outstanding faculty – top scholars and public intellectuals
  • Academic rigor – the academic foundation for further study at the PhD level, as well as for further academic work in philosophy, theology or the humanities
  • Mentoring – one-on-one attention to help students succeed in their studies and their ministry work
  • Emphasis on effective communication – helping students develop excellence in writing, speaking and other modes of apologetics engagement
  • Attention to spiritual growth – so that students will grow in faith, as well as in knowledge and skills
  • Hands-on experience – apologetics conferences, faculty scholarship, cultural and arts programs, and online engagement will give students in the Apologetics program opportunities to gain practical experience
  • A ‘mere Christian’ focus – the Apologetics program is designed to serve the whole body of Christ and welcomes Catholic and Orthodox as well as Protestant students

Is there an Online Program?

Yes. In addition to our Houston-based residential program, the MA in Apologetics program is available online. There is no residency requirement and we welcome international students. Contact Dr. Philip Tallon for details.

Apologetics Faculty

At HBU, you will take small classes with top scholars and public intellectuals, who are also active in apologetics ministry, writing, speaking and cutting-edge academic scholarship.

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