• Student Success Department Helps Students During College and Beyond

    Student Success Department Helps Students During College and Beyond

    HBU.edu/StudentSuccess Academic Success Center: Tutoring, Coaching, Study Facilities Academic Advising: Advisors for Degree Requirements, Campus Resources and Vocational Interests Summer Launch: Prepares Learners for the Rigors of College Success Coaching: Individual Coaching for Student Learning Outcomes TRIO Student Support Services: Program for First-Generation, Low-Income or Disabled Students Office of Career & Calling: Helps Connect HBU …

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  • A Message from the President

    A Message from the President

    There are key moments in life that call for reflection—thinking about the past and considering the milestones and turning points that have enabled us to get where we are today. Such reflection can especially help us learn from our successes and failures, plan for the future, and gain the energy we need to seize opportunities …

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  • HBU to Embark on “Mission Metacognition”

    HBU to Embark on “Mission Metacognition”

    What is a Quality Enhancement Plan?  A QEP, or Quality Enhancement Plan, is a plan of action to improve student knowledge, skills, attitudes, values or behaviors, or to impact the student learning environment and student success. SACSCOC (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges) defines the QEP as an integral component of the …

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  • McNair Center: Your Startup Starts Here!

    McNair Center: Your Startup Starts Here!

    The McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise at Houston Baptist University was founded in 2016 by The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation. The Center’s mission is to educate capable people in the foundations of entrepreneurial leadership and free enterprise – including teaching and modeling the principles of individual responsibility, limited government, and principled entrepreneurship. …

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  • Academic Programs

    Academic Programs

    HBU.edu/Majors HBU.edu/Admissions  Admissions@HBU.edu  281.649.3211  Undergraduate Degrees and Majors Accounting (BBA) Allied Health (BS) Biblical Languages (BA) Biblical Studies (BA) Biochemistry-Molecular Biology (BS) Biology (BS) Chemistry (BS) Christianity (BA) Christianity/Divinity (BA-MDiv) Cinematic Arts (BFA) Classics (BA) Computer Science (BS) Criminal Justice (BA) Cyber Engineering (BS) EC-12 Art with Teacher Certification (BS) Electrical Engineering (BS) Elementary Education …

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  • Distinguished Professors of HBU

    Distinguished Professors of HBU

    HBU Faculty/Student Ratio: 14-to-1 From the earliest days of HBU history, the University has drawn professors who are not only academically distinguished and accomplished in their fields, but are known for their care for students. HBU professors are professionals, scholars, authors and artists in their own right who share their expertise to educate and mentor …

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  • HBU Growth Through Time

    HBU Growth Through Time

    The mission of Houston Baptist University is to provide a learning experience that instills in students a passion for academic, spiritual and professional excellence as a result of our central confession, “Jesus Christ is Lord.” HBU Graduates as of December 2020: 23,102 Alumni Houston’s growth has been consistent for the past century. The city has …

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  • University Presidents & Their Accomplishments

    University Presidents & Their Accomplishments

    Across six decades of history, Houston Baptist University has had only had three presidents, Dr. William H. Hinton, Dr. Edward D. Hodo, and Dr. Robert B. Sloan. Each of them have brought distinct leadership styles and have guided the University through times of change, growth and advancement. Dr. William H. Hinton, President: 1962-1987, Chancellor: 1987-1991 …

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  • Dr. Sloan Presents His Teaching, “Book of Secrets”

    Dr. Sloan Presents His Teaching, “Book of Secrets”

    HBU President Robert Sloan teaches from his series, “Book of Secrets,” which explores meaningful answers in the Bible to pressing questions we face today. Sign up for “The Story of the Bible” Certificate Program featuring teaching by Dr. Robert Sloan.

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  • HBU Turns 60: A Conversation with Dr. Don Looser

    HBU Turns 60: A Conversation with Dr. Don Looser

    Few people have a richer history with Houston Baptist University than Dr. Don Looser. His involvement and attachment with the University began at the institution’s inception and carried on throughout the years. He authored the comprehensive book, “An Act of Providence: A History of Houston Baptist University,” published in 2010. A treasure of knowledge and …

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