• Dr. Sloan Presents His Teaching, “Book of Secrets”

    Dr. Sloan Presents His Teaching, “Book of Secrets”

    HBU President Robert Sloan teaches from his series, “Book of Secrets,” which explores meaningful answers in the Bible to pressing questions we face today. Sign up for “The Story of the Bible” Certificate Program featuring teaching by Dr. Robert Sloan.

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  • HBU Turns 60: A Conversation with Dr. Don Looser

    HBU Turns 60: A Conversation with Dr. Don Looser

    Few people have a richer history with Houston Baptist University than Dr. Don Looser. His involvement and attachment with the University began at the institution’s inception and carried on throughout the years. He authored the comprehensive book, “An Act of Providence: A History of Houston Baptist University,” published in 2010. A treasure of knowledge and …

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  • HBU Academic Programs

    HBU Academic Programs

    HBU in 2020 72 bachelor’s degrees 37 master’s degrees 3 doctoral degrees HBU.edu/Majors HBU.edu/Admissions | 281-649-3211 HBU Mission Statement The mission of Houston Baptist University is to provide a learning experience that instills in students a passion for academic, spiritual and professional excellence as a result of our central confession, “Jesus Christ is Lord.” “HBU …

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  • Alumni Highlight: Bob Beauchamp

    Alumni Highlight: Bob Beauchamp

    Robert “Bob” Beauchamp ’87 remembers the tumultuous time that led to the decision to further his education. “Due to the great oil bust that started in 1982, the year I graduated from college, the job market began to fall hard in Houston. By the mid-1980s, Houston was going through a terrible economic recession. Unemployment in …

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  • Alumni Highlight: Kirkland Guillory

    Alumni Highlight: Kirkland Guillory

    Kirkland Guillory ’20 remembers the anxiety she felt as a Humble High School student searching for the right college fit. “I was going through a period of frustration and confusion as to where I would attend school,” she said. “I submitted several applications to various schools and visited several campuses, and nowhere caught my attention. …

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  • Alumni Highlight: Lisa Simon

    Alumni Highlight: Lisa Simon

    Lisa Morris Simon ’76 came to HBU after trying a state university. The small, nurturing environment was the change she needed, Simon said. As a student who majored in Mathematics, Art and Secondary Education, Morris was the epitome of a well-rounded student. “I loved my professors; they always gave me the benefit of the doubt …

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  • Alumni Highlight: Cody Moncure

    Alumni Highlight: Cody Moncure

    Cody Moncure ’17 MBA ’18 is one of the original 13 football players on HBU’s inaugural team. The ability to be part of the program helped draw him to the school. “I had two full scholarships to play football, one to SFA to play wide receiver and the other to HBU to play safety. Many …

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  • Alumni Highlight: Tim Mavergeorge

    Alumni Highlight: Tim Mavergeorge

    Tim Mavergeorge ’84 grew up in the Baltimore area not focused on either faith or education. After being expelled from school, he moved to Tennessee to begin again and resume his education. The young man became a believer, and in July 1981, Mavergeorge moved to Houston. Enthusiastic about his Christian faith, he enrolled at HBU …

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  • Alumni Highlight: Lijo Joseph

    Alumni Highlight: Lijo Joseph

    Lijo Joseph ’99 graduated from Bellaire High School and wanted to attend college near where he grew up. At HBU, Joseph majored in Business Administration and was involved with the APiK fraternity, University Singers, the Rex Fleming Readers (now Players), and served as the University mascot, Mingo, in ’96 and ’97. Joseph worked his way …

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  • Alumni Highlight: Jane Jester Marmion

    Alumni Highlight: Jane Jester Marmion

    Jane Jester Marmion ’68 has contributed greatly as a community servant. She has worked as a medical social worker; a caseworker and program supervisor for Sheltering Arms; a geriatric supervisor for the MMHRA Outpatient Geriatric Services; and for more than two decades, has served in a private geriatric mental health practice. With such public-facing work, …

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