• This Week’s Review: Musicals

    This Week’s Review: Musicals

    The curmudgeon found himself grounded for the weekend of November 16; a tummy ache was a good argument for not heading for the nearest megaplex. Had he made it to a theater, he would have contemplated “Midway,” “JoJo Rabbit,” “Harriet,” “Motherless Brooklyn,” or “The Perfect Thief.” Thanks to some serious mistiming, the curmudgeon found himself …

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  • This Week’s Review: “The Current War”

    This Week’s Review: “The Current War”

    My plans to see either or both “Terminator” and “Harriet” on the Nov. 2 weekend did not go as I anticipated. When I arrived at the megaplex, I noticed “The Current War” was playing; I thought it had already left town; therefore, I changed my agenda and headed for that film. The film covers the …

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  • This Week’s Review: “Poltergeist”

    This Week’s Review: “Poltergeist”

    I sought desperately for a film at the megaplex for the weekend of October 26, but there was nothing interesting. I was desperate because I wanted to postpone attacking a mound of examinations that needed grading, but, alas, I found myself obligated to grade the nasty things. I confess that I did have a brief respite, …

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  • This Week’s Review: “The Mission”

    This Week’s Review: “The Mission”

    I hoped, in vain, that there would a good film or two opening during the October 19 weekend. I just could not work up any enthusiasm for another episode in the “Maleficent” saga and stayed home. I consoled myself by dragging out a DVD I had not watched for 15 or more years, “The Mission.” …

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  • This Week’s Review: Ad Astra

    This Week’s Review: Ad Astra

    I had enough time during the October 12 weekend to catch one film, “Ad Astra.” I wish I had seen it on a larger screen or in 3-D, and I have to wonder how it will look on a television screen. The sets closely resemble those of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey,” and the …

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  • This Week’s Review: Joker

    This Week’s Review: Joker

    Somehow I found time during the weekend of October 5 to see “Joker” even though I was less than elated by the opportunity. The film was notorious even before it reached the theaters; there was genuine concern that it might inspire a mass shooting. I now have to wonder if the studio PR flacks did not encourage …

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  • This Week’s Review: Off Week

    This Week’s Review: Off Week

    The curmudgeon had to raise the white flag and admit defeat for the September 28 weekend. I had entertained notions of seeing “Ad Astra,” but a bad fall while at a doctor’s office kept me indoors during the weekend; the thought of trying to climb stairs inside the theater was just too much to contemplate. …

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  • This Week’s Review: “Downton Abbey”

    This Week’s Review: “Downton Abbey”

    The weekend of September 21 seemed a little dicey at first glance; curmudgeons don’t do well in wet weather and Houston was still drying out from its latest round of “incumbencies.” I did venture out and had to choose between “Ad Astra,” “Downton Abbey,” and “Rambo: Last Blood.” I chose the middle option and am …

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  • This Week’s Review: “The Goldfinch”

    This Week’s Review: “The Goldfinch”

    The weekend of September 14 was rather bleak in terms of new movies. I was expecting to see “Downton Abbey” after I saw a notice that it would open on Thursday, September 12.  To my shock, it did not play on the weekend; either the original advertisement was wrong or the Thursday showing was a …

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  • This Week’s Review: “It Chapter 2”

    This Week’s Review: “It Chapter 2”

    The weekend of September 7 was not one of my better ones and my choice of films turned out to be a waste of time and money, both of which are in short supply these days. I would have been much better off writing out tests and vocabulary exercises than seeing “It Chapter Two.” I …

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