Culture Influencer: Dr. Melissa Carlton

Dr. Melissa Carlton, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Cyber Engineering, was recently awarded with an Excellence in Leadership Award by the International Institute for Applied Knowledge Management (IIAKM) and Executive Director, Yair Levy.

Dr. Carlton received this award at the Knowledge Management Conference 2022 hosted by the University of Maribor, Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security (FVV) in Ljubljana, Slovenia in July 2022, where she served as one of three Program Co-Chairs. The focus of this international conference included knowledge management, information systems, and cybersecurity. This year’s conference had submissions within 11 different categories including NAO Robotics, the metaverse, and future technologies. The intellectual contributions were completed through a double-blind, peer-reviewed process. Conference attendance was offered both in person and virtually. As a Program Co-Chair, Dr. Carlton assisted with the coordination of the peer reviews, editing, and publication-ready status of nearly 40 individual submissions. Overall, 13 countries were represented including Brazil, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Thailand.

Dr. Carlton is an inaugural faculty member of the Engineering and Computer Science department, joining HBU in 2018. She regularly teaches classes in computer science and cyber engineering, serving as program coordinator for both of these programs for several years. She also served as Department Chair of the Engineering Department in 2020-2021. Dr. Carlton looks forward to being able to share the wealth of information she obtained at this conference with her students. When asked about the conference experience, Dr. Carlton said, “It was enlightening to learn about multiple cultures, new research trends, as well as meet individuals that are considered experts in the field of cybersecurity, knowledge management, computer science, and information systems. Having access to technology that permitted everyone the opportunity to connect, either virtually or in person, was a blessing. Technology allowed me to influence corners of the world that I otherwise would not have accessed.”