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HBU Holds Ribbon-Cutting to Celebrate Re-opening of Chick-fil-A restaurant

HBU hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Feb. 15 to celebrate the re-opening of its campus-based Chick-fil-A restaurant. HBU President Dr. Robert Sloan extended his thanks to the many individuals who were a part of the renovation project.

“We are very grateful to have this partnership with Chick-fil-A. We share great values with them and with Aramark and they are committed to building the culture of the University,” said HBU President Dr. Robert Sloan.

Located on the first floor of the MD Anderson Student Center, the formerly self-service establishment now offers full, behind-the-counter service to students, faculty, administrators and staff.

“The CFA remodel represents HBU and Aramark’s shared commitment to providing updated and popular dining venues for our students and staff.  “We look forward to many shared moments of fellowship over chicken sandwiches and waffle fries,” said John Holmes, Associate Vice President for Facilities and Campus Operations/Adjunct Professor.

Holmes commended the efforts of Aramark Food Service Director Benny Gilbert for overseeing the renovation project and ensuring its completion over the Winter break.

“It was a fun challenge and we opened up on [Jan.] 18th to rave reviews,” said Gilbert, who expressed appreciation to both Aramark and Chick-fil-A for their partnership in the project.

Several members of HBU’s Board of Trustees and Executive Council toured the restaurant prior to the ribbon-cutting, including Judy Graham, Keith Jacobson, Matthew Morris, Clois Smith, Jerome Smith and Dr. Diane Williams.

“This is in some ways a small thing, but it’s very significant,” said Dr. Sloan, who called the enhanced food establishment and improved customer service, a big part of the student experience.

All Chick-fil-a locations are required to remodel every seven years. One of the restaurant’s latest commitments is to transform all of its locations into full-service establishments to better respond to customer needs.

“Ultimately that’s what you want, a better customer service experience,” said Aramark  District Manager Brett Perlowski of the goals of the renovation.