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Culture Influencer: Louis Markos

Dr. Louis Markos, Professor of English, has been the featured guest in several recent interviews.

Dr. Markos was featured on Feb. 3 on Bible Answer Man. Dr. Markos said, “In this interview, based on an essay I am publishing with Christian Research Journal, I discuss how the Victorian poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson, struggled with the death of his young friend Arthur Henry Hallam, taking up, as he did so, a more general wrestling with the immortality of the soul, the problem of pain, and the new science of evolution.”


Other recent podcasts:

Video: Sunday, January 10 interview with Michael Jahosky, Mythic Mission, on myth and Markos’ new book, “The Myth Made Fact.”


Audio: Interview with Michael Heiser on “Myth Made Fact”:



Monday, January 4, interview with Bob Dutko on “Myth Made Fact”:



Interview for Apologetics Canada Podcast on “Abolition of Man” with Andy Steiger”

The Abolition of Man: A Conversation with Dr. Louis Markos