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This Week's Review: Recovering

As you may have heard, the Curmudgeon barely survived a vicious attack by his old enemies: ulcers, pneumonia, embolisms, and a few other medical problems. He is happy to report that his fangs are recovering nicely and his reserves of invective are replenishing themselves slowly but steadily. His snarl is not yet back to its full glory, but there is hope.

Since the Curmudgeon has been grounded since early October, he hasn’t been visiting the theaters; however, theaters seem to be an increasingly endangered species, a situation he once predicted in one of his darker moods. Not all the Coronavirus’s victims are humans. He may find himself start paying for a streaming service, but it will be with great reluctance.

The Curmudgeon is still recuperating in a new lair, but he has been aware of films that have opened simultaneously in theaters and on streaming services. He gnashed his fangs at missing the revised version of “Godfather III”; it is now known as “Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone.” Francis Ford Coppola has re-edited the film, rearranged some scenes, and trimmed others. The first version was not as bad as some critics thought, but it was a comedown after the power and intensity of the first two films. The critics do seem to be impressed by the revised version.

He really moaned and groaned over missing “Wonder Woman 1984.” Comic book movies need to be on a massive screen with an adequate sound system.

Another film he regrets missing is Tom Hanks’s new western, “News of the World.”

Missing movies has one advantage: a healthier bank account.