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This Week’s Review: James Bond Film

The Curmudgeon has learned, much to his regret, that there is more than one virus lurking at the threshold. When he’s too weak to read or watch a DVD, you know life is sour. After seven days of discomfort, he did manage to watch one of the more obscure James Bond epics, 1983’s “Octopussy.” While not a “neglected classic,” it turned out to be much better than he remembered. Roger Moore was nearing the end of his long run as 007 and his lack of energy and enthusiasm is painfully clear in some scenes.

Much of the film take place in India and the location shots are interesting. The plot is very contrived and involves a recurring theme, a renegade Soviet general trying to reignite the Cold War. The general’s slimy financial ally is one of Louis Jordan’s weaker rolls. Kabir Bedi comes very close to equaling the lethal Oddjob from “Goldfinger.” The film is unique in that the female star, Maud Adams, had been in the earlier “The Man with the Golden Gun.”

Even though this one turned out to be better than he remembered, the Curmudgeon has no sense of urgency to watch Moore’s final outing as Bond, “A View to a Kill.”