HBU Golfer Creates "Indoor Golf Challenge"

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Patrik Jericha ’20, like many HBU students, found himself in a new routine when classes were moved to remote delivery in March. The HBU golfer and international business major returned to his home country, the Czech Republic.

“HBU was very kind to me as an international student,” Jericha said. “I first got to America to study and play at Arkansas State University, but due to financial reasons, I had to find a new place. Luckily, Coach (David) Shuster was kind enough to offer me a scholarship at HBU. I have found numerous friends! Many were curious about my country and I was happy to share my culture with them.”

After the COVID-19 crisis began, Jericha flew to Europe. “I decided to go back home to be close to my family,” he said. “Because of that, I had to undergo a mandatory quarantine of 14 days. That’s when I had the idea to make my videos.”

A golfer of 15 years, Jericha helped pass the solitary time in his Prague housing unit by creating an “Indoor Golf Challenge.”

Jericha set up indoor courses, featuring rugs, blankets, towels, and yoga mats as fairways. The bathtub and a washbasin make for water hazards; and the bed, ironing board and chairs became changes in the course terrain.

With nine holes and nine video segments, Jericha serves as the animated television host, the subtle-voiced golf announcer, and the star player. Dressed in HBU golf attire – with the exception of shoes – Jericha makes his way through each challenge inside and on the balcony. A block-lettered leaderboard keeps the score visible through each challenge, and signs identify holes and remind viewers to keep quiet.

As the interviewer and interviewee, producer and sound engineer, Jericha employs theme music, bird sounds, and cheers. Then, he adds a special effects surprise at the end. The challenge helped Jericha stay upbeat and brought a smile to others, too.

“Luckily, after my quarantine ended, the government of the Czech Republic opened outdoor sports facilities – including golf courses – so I’ve been practicing as usual ever since!” he said. “Tournaments will be coming up soon; I can’t wait!”


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Patrik worked with the HBU School of Fine Arts as a social media administrator and with the Marketing department as a photographer.