American Marketing Association Chapter Helps Prepare Students for Life and Work

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American Marketing Association Chapter Helps Prepare Students for Life and Work

After a several-year hiatus, a chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) was reestablished this spring with the help of students Yvette Garcia, Ana Nava-Cardoso, and Emily Zavala, with Dr. Mark Clark, assistant professor of Marketing in the Archie W. Dunham College of Business. The group is just one of the dozens of clubs and organizations at HBU in which students can supplement their education, and learn and practice valuable skills.

As a Business major and president of the HBU AMA chapter, Danielle Wheeler is pleased to see the organization growing already. “Participating students gain a lot from AMA, such as working on teams for professional projects, gaining knowledge and learning how to market,” she said. “The beautiful thing about AMA is that it is not closed off to just business majors. Anyone can join, and it is valuable because the world is all about how you market yourself, your skills, and so on.”

Clark has experience as an organization sponsor and as a director of entrepreneurial programs for college students. He also worked as a corporate recruiter for a time. “During a student’s undergraduate program, any extracurricular activity like athletics, student government, a service fraternity or sorority, or AMA, distinguishes and differentiates students in the eyes of recruiters,” Clark said. “And the first job assignment after baccalaureate can set the stage for a great career. I know part of my duty as a higher education professional is to ensure a student enjoys a successful and fulfilling career.”

AMA offers educational, learning and networking opportunities for students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The goals of the program include helping students gain a quality first job assignment, practicing marketing concepts and skills, and furthering the reach of HBU.

Dean of the Department of Student Success & Advising, Dr. David Hao, serves as a sponsor for AMA. “Involvement in organizations like AMA contributes to student success,” Hao said. “It is a really effective means of helping students learn and grow and find their passions and interests. It helps them figure out and refine what they want to do for their future jobs and careers. By helping these students identify their interests, get plugged in with campus resources, and find the right major, they’re going to graduate and go on to be effective and successful.”