The Reddings Give Big

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The Reddings Give Big

Rick ’83 and Susan Redding are providing a $50,000 matching gift for donors on Huskies Give Big, to be held Friday, August 30, 2019. The Reddings are enthusiastic supporters of HBU, and gave for the Robert Griswold Finance & Analytics Lab in the Hinton Center; the lab opened in the fall of 2018.

Q&A with Rick Redding

1) You graduated in 1983 with a BS in Economics and Finance. What led you to attend HBU?

It is a long story, but at the last minute, I enrolled at HBU. At the time I was not sure why, but in hindsight, I can say it was God who intervened. I had scholarship opportunities at much larger universities, housing, and was even going to pursue a different major. The HBU experience of having smaller classes with caring professors was what I needed. HBU also provided me athletic (tennis) and academic scholarships, for which I will always be grateful.

2) What affiliation does your wife, Susan, have with the University?

Although Susan is not a native Houstonian, she had heard about the graduate scholarship program The Guild has provided throughout the years. The idea of a diverse group of Christian women, working together, to assist deserving HBU students and to help shape their tomorrows is vitally important to her, and something Susan wanted to be part of.

3) How was HBU instrumental in shaping you as a person and as a professional?

There are many options to obtain a first-rate education, but very few offer one with a biblical worldview. In my years in business, I have seen so many brilliant graduates from top schools that lack a foundation. Many times, the university years are the last chance to provide that foundation. HBU provided me a technical education and a foundation that lasts throughout my life, and I hope to pass those principles along.

4) Why do you continue to support HBU today, and what have your roles been?

HBU provided me a great education and reinforced a biblical world view that helped me through life. It is unique to find a truly Christian university in a major metropolitan area. I have tried to give of my time and expertise to help the Archie W. Dunham College of Business continue to excel. I have had the privilege over the years to teach some classes, serve on the Business School Advisory Board, and on the Board of the Center for Christianity in Business.

5) Please tell us about your and Susan’s decision to provide a $50,000 matching gift for Huskies Give Big on August 30, 2019?

Through our involvement with HBU, we continue to see the potential for today’s students to receive a great education and make a difference in their vocation. HBU was there for me when I needed them, and we want to help those who can benefit in this generation. We are so impressed to see how many first-generation university students HBU attracts, and to see the potential to change families’ lives for generations to come. We had supported the College of Business, but felt this is a great opportunity to promote HBU more broadly.

6) Please tell other alumni and supporters why they, too, should give to HBU, and especially take advantage of this opportunity for matching.

We believe there are numerous ways to support HBU, wherever you are in life – mentoring a student, giving your time to help promote HBU and its activities, and ultimately supporting HBU financially if you are able. We know from our own giving that when someone matches a gift, the impact becomes more meaningful, no matter the gift. We have been blessed and want to come alongside others to make a difference in many lives. Whether HBU was there to provide your education or you are someone who wants to support changing lives via a great education with a biblical worldview, we wanted to partner with others to make a difference.

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