The Online MBA at HBU

A master’s in business administration is one of the most versatile advanced degrees. Its takeaways are applied across industries and fields, and its career value is virtually universal. For more than four decades, HBU’s business program has been a cut above, offering students an unparalleled experience. In the HBU Archie W. Dunham College of Business, students learn ethics-based business principles and modern methodologies from professors who have lived what they teach. To more fully serve students in the area and throughout the world, the HBU Pampell Online Division began offering the MBA Online option in 2018. Students may take courses from their current locations, and fit coursework around job and personal responsibilities.

In “What an Online MBA Can and Can’t Do for You,” Forbes contributor John Byrne compares and contrasts residential and online MBA programs. While residential MBA tracks are more likely to draw students who wish to change careers, online MBA programs often draw those who wish to advance in their current careers and gain additional skills, he said.

In a survey of more than 1,200 recent MBA online program graduates from top universities, participants reported the outcomes of furthering their education. “Nearly a third of the graduates told us they actually switched jobs directly as a result of the online MBA program,” Byrne says. “That finding was a complete surprise because online MBAs … are typically recommended to those who want to accelerate their careers – not transition into another industry or field. The more likely outcome was, not surprisingly, a promotion at work. Other than a promotion with increased responsibility, another indicator of positive career outcome [was] an increase in pay.”

The practical skills and strategies students gain from an online MBA program, and the boost they get from having master’s-level credentials, are beneficial. “The bottom line,” Byrne says, is that “the best online MBA programs are delivering pretty solid career outcomes.”

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