This Week's Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I was in the mood for some jaw-dropping spectacle, and “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” was the perfect choice. So far, it is the most enjoyable film I have seen this summer (with “Incredibles 2” a close rival).

The day before I saw the film, I watched my DVD of the preceding episode, and I am glad I did because the new one picks up where that one stopped. Bryce Dallas Howard’s role is considerably larger than before, and her character is far more sympathetic. Chris Pratt is not quite as dominant as before. James Cromwell does very well as an unknown former colleague andpartner of the late John Hammond. B.D. Wong and Jeff Goldblum also reappear. The dinosaurs also live up to expectations.

The plot involves an erupting volcano about to the destroy the island where Hammond tried to start the original Jurassic Park; the world is faced with the dilemmas of rescuing the endangered species or allowing them to perish. The complications come when various rogue nations, terrorist groups, and other lowlifes decide they want the animals for their own nefarious purposes. To say the least, chaos ensues.

The film is truly spectacular; the special effects have come a long way since the first “Jurassic Park” appeared a quarter of a century ago. I assumed that this would be the final episode, but there are enough unresolved and juicy subplots to fuel at least one more sequel.

Nothing new looks interesting for the June 29 weekend, so I may try to revisit both this and “Incredibles 2.”