This Week's Review: "A Quiet Place"

There were no new films of interest for the weekend of April 21, so I chose “A Quiet Place.”

When I first heard the title, I assumed that it would be a film about a nice, quiet library or some similar haven for harried souls, but the trailers convinced me otherwise. It is an exercise in grim suspense; I admit that I jumped at least twice.

We are never sure where the very aggressive invaders originated, but the survival of the human race is not guaranteed. Only a few families have survived in isolated rural areas. The only way to avoid the notice of the blind invaders is to remain silent at all times. That is not easy for a family with three children who do not understand the situation. For nearly 30 minutes, there is no dialogue; sign language is the only safe form of communication.

I only recognized Emily Blunt, but the cast is more than competent. I did not understand at first why one child gave another a noisy toy, but the answer to that foreshadows the eventual solution of how to cope with the invaders.

In short, it is easy to recommend this film, but you could easily wait for the DVD and save your money for the summer blockbusters which are almost upon us.