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Graduate Programs Listing

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1) MSK Master of Science in Kinesiology: Sport Management (Online)

The graduate program, Kinesiology with a specialization in Sport Management, prepares graduates for leadership roles in sports enterprises, while providing an advanced education in biomechanics. Career areas include sports program directors and managers for professional, collegiate and recreational avenues.

2) MSN Master of Science in Nursing (Online)

The Master of Science in Nursing graduate program offers two degree tracks: Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care (PNP-PC). The program follows a Competency-Based Educational (CBE) format that is industry-aligned to ensure relevant use across nursing disciplines.

3) MS-HRM Master of Science in Human Resources Management (Online & Residential)

The graduate program in Human Resources Management offers students versatile personnel expertise, and provides contemporary savvy relevant to the human resources field. The program is ideal for managers, directors and others who lead the recruitment, retention and development of employees in any organization.

4) MACC Master of Arts in Christian Counseling (Online & Residential)

The Master of Arts in Christian Counseling graduate program is formulated to prepare students for service as counselors in churches, counseling institutions and other environments. Clinical counseling skills are paired with biblical principles for application for individuals, families and in crisis situations. (Leads to LPC licensure.)

5) MA-MFT Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy (Online & Residential)

The graduate program, Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, is designed for those who wish to help couples and families. Students develop research-supported counseling skills which they may apply in therapeutic settings such as churches, counseling institutions and non-profit organizations. (Leads to licensure as a Marriage & Family Therapist.)

6) MAPC Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling (Online & Residential)

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling program is made for practice in church and faith-based settings in which Christian-based guidance is valued. Areas of study include Addiction & Recovery, Crisis Response, Human Sexuality, Marriage & Family, Military & Veteran Care and Counseling, along with Life Coaching.

7) MEd Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (Online & Residential)

The graduate program, Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, enriches comprehension of curriculum creation and instructional methodology. The degree is applicable across many facets of education, useful in kindergarten through 12th-grade, collegiate and university settings.

8) MEd Master of Education in Educational Administration (Online & Residential)

The graduate program, Master of Education in Educational Administration, prepares students for principalships and assistant principalships in elementary, middle, or high schools, as well as in district-level administrative positions. The program lays the groundwork for strategic planning and supervision in the educational environment.

9) MAA Master of Arts in Apologetics (Online & Residential)

Students who enroll in the graduate program, Master of Arts in Apologetics, have the option of taking either a Cultural or Philosophical track. Scholars learn ways to answer compelling questions about Christianity with compelling and winsome answers. The program is ideal for church staff members, teachers, writers and more.

10) MACL Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (Online & Residential)

The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership graduate program equips learners for vocational and lay ministry. Biblical and theological knowledge is combined with pragmatic application. Graduates may carry out roles such as pastor, Bible teacher, ministry leader, missionary or organization director with doctrinal confidence.

11) MATS Master of Arts in Theological Studies (Online & Residential)

The Master of Arts in Theological Studies graduate program launches graduates into ministry, teaching and writing, and prepares them for further graduate study. Program participants learn to integrate Christian Scripture and theology, and the nature of God, into contemporary concerns and life application.

12) MEd Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with Instructional Technology (Online & Residential)

The Master of Education with Specialization in Curriculum & Instruction with Instructional Technology graduate program quips students to successfully use and integrate technology as a tool for teaching and learning. Graduates may work in classrooms, as instructional technology directors, or in educational administration.

13) MBA Master of Business Administration (Residential)

The Master of Business Administration graduate degree is built around high-level courses in finance, economics, accounting, management and marketing. The prestigious program builds thoughtful leaders suited to commercial, organizational, non-profit and governmental settings. Students may specialize in Finance, Management, International Business or HR Management.

14) MSME Master of Science in Management and Entrepreneurship (Residential)

The Master of Science in Management and Entrepreneurship (MSME) degree is ideal for those who wish to take their business and entrepreneurial skills to the highest level. Classes are offered over the course of 23 weekends on Fridays and Saturdays.

15) MIB Master of International Business (Residential)

The Master of International Business graduate program prepares graduates for local, national and international entrepreneurial pursuits. The course of study builds business knowledge and wisdom in intercultural relations. Distinctively, students take an international trip to study business processes in a foreign country.

16) MACEC Master of Arts in Classics and Early Christianity* (Residential)

A master’s degree in Classics and Early Christianity combines the study of the classical languages, Greek and Latin, and the historical and cultural aspects of the early Western world, with the history and culture of early Christianity. Students will understand each area of study, and their ramifications in the modern world, with new depth. *(Beginning Fall of 2018 pending SACSCOC approval.)

17) MAC Master of Arts in Counseling (Residential)

The graduate program, Master of Arts in Counseling, prepares students for counseling-related careers in settings such as private practices, universities, clinics and hospitals. The program offers a practicum, and detailed preparation for testing, evaluation, counseling practices and research methods. (Leads to LPC licensure.)

18) MAP Master of Arts in Psychology (Residential)

The Master of Arts in Psychology graduate program produces professionals who can adroitly navigate and address areas of individual and group psychology. Career paths include college instructors, law and judicial professionals and more. The coursework also prepares students who plan to complete doctoral-level training.

19) MAP-LSSP Master of Arts in Psychology: Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (Residential)

The Master of Arts in Psychology: Licensed Specialist in School Psychology graduate program is focused upon the specific knowledge and skillset needed for work in school settings, and for agencies and programs that address the emotional and behavioral needs of children. Coursework encompasses education and psychology. (Leads to LSSP licensure.)

20) MAP-LSSR Master of Arts in Psychology: Licensed Specialist in School Psychology Respecialization (Residential)

The Master of Arts in Psychology: Licensed Specialist in School Psychology graduate program is designed for those who have a graduate degree in psychology, and who wish to earn a specialization in order to practice as a school psychologist in schools, or in settings which serve children’s emotional and behavioral needs. (Leads to LSSP licensure.)

21) MEd Master of Education in Counselor Education (Residential)

The Master of Education in Counselor Education graduate program trains counselors for the conceptual and practical components of providing counseling services in the educational setting. Professionals support the work of their organizations, and help meet the multifaceted needs of students.

22) MEd Master of Education in Higher Education (Residential)

The Master of Education in Higher Education graduate program enables graduates to serve students and staff members in higher education settings including junior colleges, colleges and universities. Students may specialize in Educational Technology, Counseling, Christian Studies and Business Management.

23) MEd Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with Initial Certification in EC-6 Bilingual Generalist (Residential)

The Master of Education with Initial Certification in EC-6 Bilingual Generalist graduate program allows students to achieve both an MEd degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and an early childhood through sixth-grade bilingual teacher certification, allowing graduates to teach all subjects in a bilingual elementary education setting.

24) MEd Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with ENG L/A and Reading Certification (4-8) (Residential)

The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with ENG L/A and Reading Certification (4-8) gives program participants an extensive study of the planning and implementation of reading, writing, and other language arts curricular and instructional strategies for grades four through eight.

25) MEd Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with Certification in Math, Science or Social Studies (4-8) (Residential)

The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with Certification in Math, Science or Social Studies (4-8) graduate program prepares graduates to work with teachers and students in educational settings in which fourth through eighth-grade math, science or social studies is taught.

26) MEd Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with All-Level Certification in Art, Spanish, Music or Physical Education (Residential)

The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with All-Level Certification in Art, Spanish, Music or Physical Education graduate program leads to master’s-level instructional acumen and teaching certification in the chosen area for early childhood through 12th-grade.

27) MEd Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with Certification (7-12) (Residential)

The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with Certification (7-12) graduate program leads to a master’s degree in education with certification in chosen subject areas for grades seven through 12. Coursework prepares graduates to be strong teachers and instructional leaders.

28) MEd Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with EC-6 Generalist Certification (Residential)

The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with EC-6 Generalist Certification develops educators who are well-versed in roles including lesson-planning, evaluation and administration. The certification qualifies teachers for early childhood through sixth-grade classrooms and educational settings.

29) MEd Master of Education in Reading with Reading Specialist Certification (Residential)

The graduate program, Master of Education in Reading with Reading Specialist Certification, qualifies graduates to be reading specialists. A specialist serves as a valuable resource to students, teachers, parents and administrators, boosting the literacy competency of learners.

30) MEd Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with Certification in EC-6 and Special Education (EC-12) (Residential)

The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with Certification in EC-6 and Special Education (EC-12) graduate program is designed for students who desire to serve special student populations. Topics studies include teaching strategies, behavioral management and special education policies.

31) MEd Master of Education in Educational Diagnostician (Residential)

The Master of Education in Educational Diagnostician graduate program prepares graduates to serve as educational diagnosticians. Professionals administer tests covering intelligence, behavioral and exceptionality factors. They prescribe interventions for learners in order to help them achieve.

32) MEd Master of Education in Bilingual Education (Residential)

The graduate program, Master of Education in Bilingual Education, is designed for teachers who are both English and Spanish-speakers. Bilingual education coursework combines the study of language acquisition, strategies for literacy fluency, and cultural considerations.

33) MLA Master of Liberal Arts with Specialization in Education (4-8, 7-12, EC-12, EC-6 and General) (Residential)

The Master of Liberal Arts graduate program with a specialization in Education provides an interdisciplinary body of study to be used in the realm of K-12 or higher education. Students learn from the great texts and Western thought leaders, exploring intellectual, moral and aesthetic values.

34) MDiv Master of Divinity (Residential)

The Master of Divinity graduate program offers an integrated approach to Christian theological graduate education, preparing graduates for the theological and pedagogical concerns of Christian ministry and teaching. Courses include biblical languages, history of Christianity and systematic theology, along with an internship.

35) MABL Master of Arts in Biblical Languages (Residential)

The Master of Arts in Biblical Languages graduate program gives students a deeper understanding of the Bible through the exploration of writings in their original languages. By studying Greek, Hebrew and biblical Aramaic, learners extract the beautiful meaning and symbolism embedded in original texts.

36) MFA Master of Fine Arts: Studio Art (Residential)

The Master of Fine Arts: Studio Art graduate program is a studio-based program with specialization in two-dimensional and three-dimensional studies. Drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture are all offered in five state-of-the-art laboratory spaces and 18 studios. Artists will have greatly refined and grown their skills upon graduation.

37) MLA Master of Liberal Arts (Residential)

The Master of Liberal Arts graduate program provides an interdisciplinary body of study. Students learn from the great texts and Western thought leaders in exploring intellectual, moral and aesthetic values. Graduates are well-positioned for careers which require exceptional thought and planning, and for further study.

38) MAPhil Master of Arts in Philosophy (Residential)

The Master of Arts in Philosophy graduate program develops graduates who are comfortable confronting the most important questions of life and existence. Philosophy coursework encompasses logic, human experience, history, ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, science, religion, medicine and politics.

39) EdD Doctor of Education in Executive Educational Leadership (Residential)

The Doctor of Education in Executive Educational Leadership graduate program is especially for those in the education field who serve, or will serve, in a supervisory capacity. The program includes an option for Texas superintendent certification. It is ideal for school district, private school, college and university leaders.

40) EdD Doctor of Education in Special Education Leadership (Residential)

The Doctor of Education in Special Education Leadership graduate program is designed to prepare educational leaders at the highest level for efficacy with special education programs, students, parents, staff, faculty and stakeholders. This degree is applicable in educational and behavioral health settings.

41) ACP Alternative Certification Program

HBU’s Alternative Certification Program (ACP) is a popular route to attain Texas teacher certification. Qualifying students with a bachelor’s degree are able to obtain certifications in concentration areas from early childhood through 12th grade. The 21 hours of required coursework may be applied to the MEd degree.

42) Apologetics Certificates (Online & Residential) 

Apologetics Certificates are offered in Apologetics, Apologetics Communication, Biblical Apologetics, Literary & Imaginative Apologetics, Philosophical Apologetics and Worldview. Each track enhances students’ abilities to reason with and reach people in the context of each of the subject areas.

43) Christian Thought Certificates (Online & Residential)

Christian Thought Certificates in Classical Languages, Greek, New Testament and Missions & Evangelism all serve to deepen students’ knowledge of the Christian faith. Learners gain insight from some of the premier scholars of today, and ultimately deepen their own faith walks.

44) Counseling & Psychology Study Certificates (Online & Residential)

Certificates in General Psychology Studies, Marriage & Family Studies, Human Sexuality Studies, Military & Veteran Care Studies, Professional Life Coaching, and Addiction & Recovery Studies, all offer learners specialized insight into each discipline. The courses of study are each aimed at making professionals more effective.

Visit The Graduate School or call HBU Graduate Admissions at 281-649-3269 to learn more.