Faculty as Culture influencers

Culture Influencers: Timothy Ewest

https://hbu-files.wpmucdn.com/uploads/portraits/Personnel/Ewest_Timothy.jpgDr. Timothy Ewest, associate professor of Management in the Archie W. Dunham College of Business, Dr. David Miller of Princeton University’s Faith and Dr. Mitch Neubert of Baylor University, have written an article titled “Development of The Integration Profile (TIP) Faith and Work Integration Scale,” which was published in the “Journal of Business Ethics.” The article considered the scope and emergence faith in the workplace. The authors discussed the development of The Integration Profile (TIP) Faith and Work Integration Scale, which was designed to measure the multidimensional nature of faith expressions within workplace settings. The development of the TIP scale was based on multiple survey samples taken from over 5,000 employees in a multinational food company.

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