This Week's Review: "Annihilation"

The weekend of February 24 was rather arid; the only new film of any interest was “Annihilation.” In many ways, it was a big nothing; but, in other ways, it may be better than I first thought.

In some ways, the film reminded me of 2016’s “Arrival,” but it is much more ambiguous. I have never read the trilogy upon which it is based, but I doubt that this episode will generate enough revenue to justify filming the sequels

A supposed meteorite hits a lighthouse, and a shimmering force field begins to spread from that site. Life within the force field begins to mutate wildly, and no one who pierces the force field ever re-emerges. Finally, one soldier reappears and he is in very bad shape. His wife, Natalie Portman, volunteers to join an expedition of female soldiers who are about to enter the zone. Of course, mayhem ensues.

The visual effects are good, but not exceptional. There are some suspenseful moments and the cast is good. Several questions are never answered, and they may never be. I guess I should read the trilogy to see if can figure out the answers.

The film is certainly not a “must-see,” but it may turn out to be important.