Huskies Do Their Part After Harvey

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Huskies Do Their Part After Harvey

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and the more than 50 inches of rain it dumped on parts of the city, Houstonians of all kinds were quick to show their resiliency and compassion for their neighbors. Amidst the outpouring of support for those hit hardest by the storm were HBU student-athletes and coaches.

For Head Baseball Coach Jared Moon and Assistant Softball Coach Roger Willhite, their homes suffered significant flood damage, and the Moon family had to be rescued by boat. For many others in the HBU Athletics department, though, their roles came after the rains subsided.

Members of various teams banded together to assist in cleanup efforts in neighborhoods around the city. From demolition work and taking out drywall, to helping empty homes of water-logged furniture, Husky student-athletes were able to make a difference at dozens of homes. Additionally, the HBU Athletics department took donations of children’s books, coloring books, toys and activities, along with athletic shoes, to shelters for the thousands displaced by the storm.

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