Think About It- HBU Podcast to launch

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Think About It- HBU Podcast to launch

“This podcast will have no practices, no retakes, no take-backs- only the raw truth.”

Oh, how the digital world continues to expand. Several years ago, this thing called a “podcast” (a combination of the words “broadcast” and “iPod”) was introduced to the market. For you old-schoolers, podcasts can be similar to radio talk shows, except they are hip and new and all the kids love them. With this platform for reaching a whole new audience available to us, we at Houston Baptist University are launching our own podcast. The Pillars Editor Dr. Jerry Johnston, who was once a host for 100 Huntley Street, will be the show’s host. Jerry will conduct interviews with staff/faculty/students in each 30-minute show. Each episode will revolve around a theme: education, psychology, business, entrepreneurism, healthcare and theology. By subscribing to the podcast, you will get an inside look at Houston Baptist University.

Because we all grow weary of hearing the same polished answers, this podcast will have no practices, no retakes, and no take-backs – only the raw truth. We will continually answer this question: Who is HBU? The answer is different for every individual, and we can’t wait to share the secrets and hopes of this great University with you!

The podcast interviews include Steve Moniaci, athletics director, discussing HBU’s future in NCAA Division 1 athletics; Dr. John Spoede, assistant professor of education and professional counselor, talking about mental illness, addiction, and bringing faith into counseling; Tim Smith and Jeremy Burton, Museum of the Bible executives, describing the one billion dollar project currently underway in Washington D.C.; and various other staff, faculty and students from all of the schools and colleges.

We will post the first few shows on our social media platforms, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You won’t want to miss this behind-the-scenes look at Houston Baptist University!