• Welcome to Houston

    Houston evokes many emotions. Maybe your lifelong dreams of space draw you to the Johnson Space Center, favorite memories of the Apollo missions (or watching the movies), or reciting the infamous line, “Houston, we have a problem.” Or perhaps as a sports fan, you think of the Houston Texans and Bob McNair; the Houston Astros …

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  • Museum of The Bible Executive Visits Campus

    Museum of the Bible is a one-billion-dollar project currently under construction in Washington D.C., only three blocks from our nation’s Capitol. In November of this year, the museum will open its doors to visitors from around the globe. Fundraising for such a project was not for the faint of heart. Tim Smith serves as vice …

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  • Dr. Jon Suter, Movie Man

    This Week’s Review: Alien:Covenant and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

    On the weekend of May 20, I managed to sit through two films; one was fun and the other was a painful ordeal. The film I enjoyed was Ridley Scott’s latest installment in the Alien franchise; Alien: Covenant is the second prequel to the original film, which is nearing its fortieth anniversary. The first prequel …

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  • The City Summer 2016

    Technology, Knowledge, and Mystery

    By Russell Hemati Technological marvels are everywhere around us. Their ubiquity lulls us into forgetting the mysterious essence of technology and its impact on the way we experience nature, society, and the supernatural. The Obvious Mystery Technology is a mystery hidden in a highly visible place, an ancient mystery often overlooked. It is a mystery …

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  • Serving Those Who Served

    Husky Veteran Association Less than a year ago, two student veterans formed the Husky Veteran Association (HVA) to serve the nearly 90 HBU students currently using veteran benefits. Approximately 40 served their country while the other half is comprised of veteran dependents and family members. When the fall term began, the Husky veterans charged forward. …

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  • Huskies Making Better Nutrition a Priority

    In the fall of 2015, the HBU Athletics Department teamed with the Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute in developing a program to educate student-athletes about their nutrition and its effect on performance. In addition to his role at IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute, Brett Singer has been appointed as Head Sports Dietician for  HBU Athletics. …

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  • Faculty as Culture influencers

    Culture Influencers: Chris Hammons

    Dr. Chris Hammons, director of the Center for Law & Liberty, spoke to the Exxon Mobile Retirees Association on May 18 at the Lakeside Country Club in Houston. Dr. Hammons spoke about the importance of studying our nation’s founding documents and passing our constitutional culture from one generation to the next.

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