Culture Influencers: Alexandru Spatariu

Dr. Alexandru SpatariuDr. Alexandru Spatariu from Houston Baptist University with Dr. Benjamin Stewart from Universidad Autónoma De Aguascalientes have published a research article titled English Language Educators Developing Learning Networks via Technology: A Qualitative Multiple Case Study in International Journal of Education, Volume 5, Number 1. They found that the professional development opportunities of those teaching English as a second language in different countries are often particularly limited, causing many of them to resort to informal learning actions. The purpose of their research was to describe how ideas, materials, and social interactions form a ‘professional learning network (PLN)’ through online, informal pedagogical dialogues among English language educators as it relates to professional learning. The findings indicated that professional knowledge, skills sets, and overall dispositions emerge in unique ways. These are based on how ideas, technologies, and personal contacts interrelate with each other over time, and that an individual’s PLN provides unanticipated benefits when sharing publicly online.