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Israel Trip in June 2016

Over 100 friends of the University took advantage of the wonderful opportunity provided by HBU Tours to visit the Homeland of our Lord and Savior. It was a 10-day historical, anthropological, and theological experience in Israel, filled with sights and lessons from the Bible.

This was the first trip to the Holy Land for most of the travelers. Current students, former students, their families, HBU  faculty and staff, trustees, friends of the university and new acquaintances not only enjoyed Israel, but also their time spent with hosts President Robert Sloan and Sue Sloan, Vice President for Innovation and Strategic Marketing Dr. Jerry Johnston, and Dean of the School of Christian Thought Dr. Craig Evans. The Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Church of Nativity, the Cenacle, also known as the Upper Room where it is believed the Last Supper was held, Capernaum, where Peter lived, the Sea of Galilee, Caesarea Maritima, the City of David, Megiddo, the Dead Sea, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, Masada, the River Jordan – to name a few of the many locations where Drs. Sloan and Evans brought the Bible to life by reading scripture to the travelers and describing the events and experiences of  those living during that time. Tunnels, hills, mountains, deserts, orchards, saltwater, freshwater were all within reach of a short bus ride. This trip is the first of what will be an annual HBU Journey of Biblical discovery, the plan for next summer is to follow the footsteps of Paul to Greece and Rome. Join us!