This Week's Review: Sully

Hollywood delivered an outstanding film for the September 10 weekend, Clint Eastwood’s Sully. I have always had a weakness for films directed by Eastwood and this is one of his best.

Tom Hanks and Aaron Eckhart dominate the film. I did not recognize any of the mindless bureaucrats who seem more determined to protect the reputation of the firm that built the aircraft that had to land on the Hudson, but they eventually come to their senses. (There is not much suspense since media coverage of the forced landing went far beyond the level of “saturation.”)

The release of the film on the same weekend as September 11 is no coincidence. The film opens with the title character having a nightmare about where the plane would have landed had he not made a safe landing on the Hudson River. The real Captain Sullenberger probably saved hundreds, if not thousands, of lives that day. Even to this hardened cynic, he was and is a genuine hero.

Highly recommend, and safe for all audiences.