HBU welcomes Class of 2020

The HBU campus welcomed the freshmen class of 2020 this weekend.  Staff, faculty, alumni, athletes, and students from various campus organizations greeted the newcomers. Several volunteers met each freshman on the sidewalk to help carry their belongings to the dorms.

One senior nursing student, Desiree ’17, represented the Nursing Student Association. She said that Welcome Week “allows you to actually be a part of HBU rather than just a freshman sitting in your dorm.”

Resident director Giovanni Arellano ’15 was working in the heat but wearing a smile. He said of the freshmen, “I’m ready to pour into them this year. I really see this as a ministry opportunity.”

Alumni were also present as Sammy and Beth Ramos (’04 and ’05) handed out sports drinks, water, and snacks to students. The Ramos’ three children helped and wore their Husky gear proudly.

The enthusiasm was palpable as the freshmen moved in. Luke, a freshman from Atascocita, Texas, met his new roommate only to realize they had met at orientation weeks ago. Another student, Tanner, drove his car all the way from his home in Maine! The freshmen participated in weekend activities, including a worship service in Dunham Theater and a Torch Passing Ceremony.

The upperclassmen and graduate students have returned to campus, as well. All of HBU is ready for the start of this fall semester.

View photos from this past week.