This Week's Review: Star Trek: Beyond for a second time.

I was in a rather indecisive and curmudgeonly mood when I headed for the theater on August 13.  When I arrived, the marquee showed nothing that made me want to shell out any shekels.  (That is probably one of my weakest uses of alliteration ever.)

I had hoped to see Hell or High Water, the new Jeff Bridges film, but the ads have that awful line, “Now playing in selected cities;” when that line appears, Houston is usually not among the “selected cities.” I do hope it opens soon.

There were some new films playing, but nothing seemed worth the money. I do remember the first version of Pete’s Dragon and had no interest in a retelling.  The trailers made it clear that the new version was at least the third feral child movie of 2016; the others were The Jungle Book and The Legend of Tarzan.  I thought briefly about Florence Foster Jenkins, but I just was not in the mood for Meryl Streep mangling opera.  I do respect Streep, so I might relent and catch that film later when I am a better frame of mind.

Since I had spent an hour on the bus, I was not ready to abandon all hope, so I decided to see Star Trek: Beyond for a second time.  I saw the 3-D version when the film first came out, but this time I settled on the 2-D version.  I was glad I decided to see it again before the DVD comes out; I caught several lines I had misheard the first time and realized that the plot was more coherent than I had realized.  I will most certainly buy the DVD when it comes out; I am reaching the point that closed captioning will be essential.