Christian Thinkers Society Presents the Unanswered Tour


UnAnswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions.

God led me to found and lead an international ministry to inspire Christians and Pastors to become thinkers and thinkers to become Christians. After ten years of serving as the teaching pastor of a mega church, I noticed we had sincere Christians attending church services weekly, listening to sermon after sermon, and yet they still did not possess the confidence to answer the tough questions being asked about Christianity. Many believers struggle with their own “big questions” about faith and don’t know where to turn for answers. Some are turning away from their faith all together. These questions can be so complex and difficult that sincere people do not even know where to begin. We need informed answers for the UnAnswered questions in all of our churches. So, I dedicated my life to exploring these questions. My studies have taken me around the world – where I earned advanced degrees in the US, Canada, and a PhD in the United Kingdom. As a Bible scholar, professor, and apologist specializing in NT studies with expertise on the Historical Jesus and the Resurrection of Christ, I live at the intersection of the scholarly and popular worlds; therefore, my passion is to inspire believers to own their faith and engage confidently with the world around them. At Christian Thinkers Society events in churches of all denominations we have received over 4,000 questions and certain questions keep recurring. Most acute was our observation of seven questions frequently asked. I’ve done extensive research to equip the church to answer these questions with precision and grace. Learn More.

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