Regional Dolls

America is a vast land of many different nationalities. As one travels across the country, one finds not only great diversification of the scene but also of the people. These people have become the subject of doll makers and doll artists in the 20th century.

Native American Indians are well represented in Mrs. Blank’s collection. Other folk groups easily recognizable are the mountaineers of the Southern Appalachians and Ozarks, and the Cajuns of Louisiana. Many small religious groups, such as the Mennonites, the Amish and the Brethren, have a strong folk character as well.

The pre-Civil War South provided material for doll makers in the 1930s and 40s. Many of these dolls present a romanticized picture of the Southern Black engaged in the tasks of plantation life. Since Mrs. Blank began collecting in 1936, a number of these are to be found in her collection.