A Piece of the Past Museum Essay Contest

HBU A Piece of the Past Essay Contest

“A Piece of the Past” Museum Essay Contest was inaugurated in 2010-2011 to encourage student research into the artifacts of the Dunham Bible Museum, the Museum of American Architecture and Decorative Arts, and the Museum of Southern History.

Funding for the contest has been generously provided by The Joella and Stewart Morris Foundation and Mr. Isaac Heimbinder.

How to Enter

2019 Winners:

2019 winners with mentors, Dr. Sloan. and sponsor Stewart Morris




Grand Prize Winner:

Victoria Thorpe, “Flooded But Flourishing: The 1869 Map of the City of Houston” (Decorative Arts)

Mrs. Sloan, Victoria Thorpe, Stewart Morris, and Dr. Sloan



Southern History/American Architecture and Decorative Arts

1st       Jennifer Ren, “The Root of the Matter: Oral Care in Texas at the Turn of the 20th Century “ (Southern History)

2nd       Brandon J. Patterson, “Clother in White: The Ku Klux Klan Hood (c. 1920)” (Southern History)


Dunham Bible Museum

1st        Emma Perry, “The Avery Bible: The Hearts of Children to Their Fathers”

2nd       Caleb K. Wong, “Hope Found Through a Book: A Bible in Communist China”



Art Museums

1st       Stacy Smith, “Humanity Marching Forward: David Alfaro Siquetros’ Dancing Woman” (1969)

2nd       Conley Harris, “Van Dyck’s Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness” (Fine Arts Museum)


HBU Academy

1st        Sol Pittman, “Harriet Lane’s Bell” (Southern History)

2nd       Asiyyah Abass, “Indistinct Visions of Divided Wings: Aaron Novak’s Monarch Art” (Get Ready  MFA Exhibit 2019, University Academic Center)





  1. Museums of Southern History & Decorative Arts               1st place: $500               2nd place $250
  2. Dunham Bible Museum                                                              1st place: $500               2nd place $250
  3. Fine Arts /Contemporary Art Museums                                1st place: $500               2nd place $250
  4. Best Freshmen/HBU Academy Essays                                     1st place: $500               2nd place $250
  5. HBU Applicants Essays                                                                    1st place: $500               2nd place $250

       Plus: 25 Honorable Mention Awards                                            $50 each

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