A Piece of the Past Museum Essay Contest

HBU A Piece of the Past Essay Contest
“A Piece of the Past” Museum Essay Contest was inaugurated in 2010-2011 to encourage student research into the artifacts of the Dunham Bible Museum, the Museum of American Architecture and Decorative Arts, and the Museum of Southern History.

Funding for the contest has been generously provided by The Joella and Stewart Morris Foundation and Mr. Isaac Heimbinder.

2021 Piece of the Past Award Winners

Piece of the Past Winners with Dr. & Mrs, Sloan, Lisa Simon, and Dr. Stewart Morris

Southern History/American Architecture and Decorative Arts


Maria-Louise Cook

1st Place   ($500)  Maria-Louise Cook, “Admiration Coffee: The Bitter Taste of Southern Hospitality”

2nd Place  ($250)  Elizabeth Marie Campbell, “A Dress of Freedom: How the Flapper Used Fashion to Take What She Needed and Do What She Wanted”



Dunham Bible Museum

Eric Keller
Emma Perry

1st Place  ($500)  Emma Perry, “Medieval Prayer: Studying a French Book of Hours”

2nd Place ($250) Eric James Keller, “The 1516 Genoa Psalter”



Art Museums

Justin Okeugo
Loana Pichardo

1st Place  ($500) Justin Okeugo, “Marc Chagall’s Exodus”

2nd Place ($250)  Loana Pichardo, “Judgment Day: Frans Franken the Younger’s The Last Judgment”



Perseverance in Times of Great Trial

Jaylene Ortiz
Rebecca Rizzotti

1st Place ($500)  Rebecca S. Rizzotti, “The Eyes of the Blind Shall See: The Braille Bible”

2nd Place  ($250) Jaylene F. Ortiz, “Healthcare Amidst Adversity: The Doctor’s Bag”




Freshman/HBU Academy

Erika Gonzalez
Khanh Nguyen

1st Place ($500)  Khanh Nguyen, “The Significance of Cromwell’s Soldiers Pocket Bible”

2nd Place ($250) Erika Garcia Gonzalez, “Freedom Within Quilts: The ‘Flying Geese’ Pattern Quilt, 1861”



Grand Prize Winner

Grand Prize Winner Hannah Gentry with Lisa Simon, Dr. & Mrs. Sloan, and Dr Stewart Morris

($1500)  Hannah Gentry, “The 1855 Daguerreotype: Capturing American History”




Honorable Mention

($50) Oghenemarho Avworo, Sarah Ayala. Angela Mai lei Baltimore, Rebecca Bargainer, Natalie Bennett, Xiaofan Cai, Josiah Carr, Camie Copeland, Julia Davis, Slacna De La Cruz, Eric A.Joseph, Christina Little, Isaiah Williams, Jordan Lockett, Mariana Lopez, Symone A. McClendon, Savion A. Moning, Alice Nong, Annette-Mirabel Offiah, Kayla Perrin, Anissa Sanchez, Liliana L. Segura, Daniel Sinecio, Sahil Swapnesh, Andrew Tran

1.Nicholas Van Cleve$3,000 (2012-2015)
2. Jonathan Richie$2,500 (2015-2017)
3. Andrew S. Jimenez$2,250 (2013-2014)
3. (tie) Corrie McCloy$2,250 (2016-2018)
5. Katrina Bolman $1,550 (2018-2019)
6. Victoria Thorpe $1,500(2019)
7. Katie L. Kuhlman$ 1,100 (2011-2014)
8.  Emma Perry $1000 (2019-2021)
8.  (tie) Alexander B. Hale$ 1,000 (2016-2017)
9. Andrew W. Adler$ 750 (2011-2012)
9. (tie) Kyra Brown $ 750 (2014-2015)
10. Cody Pepper $600 (2013)

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