Options for Fully Remote Spring 2021 Courses

To provide safe distancing, and following general health guidelines, HBU will employ a remote hybrid delivery mechanism that reduces occupancy in classrooms and labs to no more than 50% of capacity.  Wearing face masks consistently also reduces risk of transmission of COVID-19 and other viruses.  Continuous Infectious Microbial Reduction is used widely in classrooms and public spaces throughout the campus.

These safety and health measures have produced a low rate of COVID infection on campus in Fall 2020, and will be maintained throughout Spring 2021.  Students are encouraged to attend classes during the spring on campus, using these safe practices.

Course Options

Students who experience health conditions that result in greater risk may consider the following options for continuing to make progress toward their academic degrees and other goals in Spring 2021:

  • Take online classes if available and applicable to the degree plan (example: the section numbers are A01, B01, C01, etc. and online fees may apply).
  • Take sections or courses that are designated in the schedule as fully remote but residential, designated by a letter “R” (Example: ENGL 1313 R98). These sections will utilize virtual and electronic delivery mechanisms and will not require presence on campus.  Remote courses do not employ the instructional design format of online courses.  Attendance will be verified by a variety of assignments and responses in the course.
  • Nursing clinical courses require in-person training activities and are not eligible for 100% remote instruction.
  • Attendance in hybrid remote courses will be based on physical attendance in the classroom during the schedule time, as well as assignments and responses in the course.

Request Fully Remote Courses

Assuming you declare one of the three reasons detailed below, you may request approval through an online form to take spring semester hybrid remote courses through fully remote access.  You must complete and submit the form after you have registered for all Spring 2021 courses you intend to take.  The last day to submit the form is Jan. 22.  These courses normally meet at least once per week in person, on campus, but students at greater health risk may be approved to take these courses remotely.  Attendance will be verified by a variety of assignments and responses in the course. PLEASE NOTE:

    • If approved, the fully remote option will apply to all of the student’s eligible courses.  In other words, students approved for fully remote access to residential courses may not choose to attend some of their courses in person.
    • Prior to the approval of a remote learning request, the student is responsible for all hybrid assignments, work, and attendance activities according to the course syllabus.
    • If a student suspects they may be contagious and needs to attend remotely for a limited amount of time while they quarantine, they should communicate directly with their instructors.
    • The Office of the Provost will review each request.
    • If a student’s remote request was approved, but during the semester their situation changes and they would like to attend classes in-person, they should communicate directly with their instructors.
    • If a student’s situation changes during the semester and they have a need to switch from hybrid to all-remote, they must submit the Remote Request Form.

Reasons to Request 100% Fully Remote

  • I have a health concern that increases my risk of infection (examples include respiratory or immune-suppression conditions) NOTE: The university reserves the right to request additional information or supporting documentation
  • I live in a residence that includes occupants with health concerns (examples include infants, individuals over 65, and individuals with respiratory or immune-suppression conditions, and first responder exposed to COVID regularly)
  • I require academic accommodations (Section 504, approved with Testing and Disability Center) that prevent in-person on-campus attendance and Disability Services already has these accommodations on file. (This MUST be on file with Disability Services.)
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