Options for Fully Remote Spring 2021 Courses

Hello Huskies!  To provide safe distancing, and following general health guidelines, HBU will employ a remote hybrid delivery mechanism that reduces occupancy in classrooms and labs to no more than 50% of capacity.  Wearing face masks consistently also reduces risk of transmission of COVID-19 and other viruses.  Continuous Infectious Microbial Reduction is used widely in classrooms and public spaces throughout the campus.

These safety and health measures have produced a low rate of COVID infection on campus in Fall 2020, and will be maintained throughout Spring 2021.  Students are encouraged to attend classes during the spring on campus, using these safe practices.

NEW – Request Temporary 100% Remote Courses

The previous form to request 100% remote attendance is no longer available; however, we realize that students may encounter COVID related circumstances throughout the semester that require quarantine.  Therefore, we have made a new form available (now disabled) for you to request temporary 100% remote attendance approval throughout the semester.

NEW – Acceptable Reasons for Request Approval

  • You have tested positive for COVID. The university reserves the right to request additional information or supporting documentation, including a positive and negative test result.
  • You represent the University through participation in university sponsored activities and will be involved at a high contact risk (e.g. athletics) during the Spring 2021 semester and will be required to isolate for a portion of the term as part of a team “inner bubble” in accordance with the university’s infection risk mitigation protocol.
  • Your living circumstances have changed and now you live with someone with a health concern.