General Safety and Health

Residential Students Encouraged to Attend Classes On Campus

To continue to provide safe distancing in Spring 2021,  and following general health guidelines, HBU will continue to employ a remote hybrid delivery mechanism that reduces occupancy in classrooms and labs to no more than 50% of capacity.  We are grateful to God that these safety and health measures supported a low rate of COVID infection on campus in Fall 2020.  These guidelines will be maintained throughout Spring 2021 and students are encouraged to attend their classes on campus using the safety measures.  Students who experience health conditions that result in greater risk may consider these options for fully remote spring classes.

Because of the health concerns of many Huskies, and their extended networks of friends and family, we ask that you continue to commit to the following actions primarily for the protection of others:

  1. Self-monitoring — reporting symptoms such as a temperature, cough, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell (see below)
  2. Taking Precautions — we expect students to wear masks, socially distance and to sanitize hands, devices and/or personal spaces
  3. Avoiding Risks — we are asking students to avoid public gathering and situations, especially when off campus where COVID-19 could be spread
  4. Graceful Cooperation — please be gracious and compliant in following these guidelines at all times

See expectations of students for more details.

Reporting Symptoms

Students living on campus are expected to self-monitor and report any of the following symptoms:

    1. temperature over 100 degrees
    2. cough
    3. shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    4. chills
    5. muscle pain
    6. sore throat
    7. loss of taste or smell

Students with these symptoms should isolate from other individuals.  On-campus students should report their symptoms to Ashley Haney, Director of Residence, at  Those living off campus should report symptoms to Whit Goodwin, Associate Provost of Student Life, at

Continuous Infectious Microbial Reduction

We are pleased to announce cutting-edge continuous infectious microbial reduction (CIMR) air and surface disinfecting technology in facilities that are central to student services, dining, and education. CIMR has been installed in the HVAC systems of many of the University’s dining and common spaces including the MD Anderson Student Center, the Baugh dining and kitchen facilities, the Library Looper Learning Commons, and Cullen Science Building including laboratories. Read More…

Disinfecting Solutions

The university has also installed a new PathoSans generator that creates both a cleaning and a sanitizing solution for campus-wide use.  This updated system has been tested against a spectrum of infectious organisms including coronavirus.  We deployed 900 bottles of PathoCide disinfectant across the university to allow staff and students to supplement the cleaning and disinfecting being performed by our custodians.

Mental Health Toolkit

The Gideon Institute Counseling Center has prepared a packet of tools and resources to help students cope with isolation and quarantine.   See it here.