Go Deeper

Fall 2021


Join us this Fall as Dr. William Lane Craig presents some of his newest research on the historical Adam. This class will combine analysis of biblical theology and scientific research and will present Dr. Craig’s argument from his forthcoming book.

Anyone in the world can join this class, listen to Dr. Craig’s teaching, and ask questions.

October 25th-29th (Monday through Friday) – 3:30-6pm
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Cost: $200 Early Bird, $220 after Aug. 30

Praise for Dr. Craig’s In Quest of the Historical Adam:

“There has been a great deal of recent scholarly debate and discussion concerning the historicity of Adam and Eve. However, few treatments of the subject are able to bring together biblical, theological, philosophical, and scientific perspectives simultaneously. In this volume, Dr. Craig does just that—weaving these threads together in ways that respect orthodox Christian doctrine and incorporate our best current understanding of the origins of our species. All Christian scholars wrestling with this topic will benefit from Craig’s deep and learned treatment.”
— Michael J. Murray
senior visiting scholar of philosophy at Franklin and Marshall College

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Go Deeper classes are intended to virtual surveyors, though there may be some space for in-person classroom attendance. Speak with the instructor to see if in-person attendance is possible.