Student Counseling Services

NOTE:  Due to state licensing limitations, services for online students living outside the state of Texas is not available. Contact us for additional information and local referrals.

In case of emergency, see Crisis, Emergency and Veteran Resources.

Individual Sessions

Licensed Therapists and Graduate Student Trainees see students in Texas for individual sessions:

  • In-person and online appointments available
  • Student must be present for couple or family sessions
  • By appointment only
  • Based on availability
  • Eight individual sessions per school year
    • Approval for additional sessions based on clinical necessity and availability
  • Counseling Fees

Free Support Groups

Support Groups meet weekly in-person while classes are in session.  Students can attend as many support group meetings as desired.

Student Support Groups – Summer 2022

Freedom from Shame : Recognizing Your Worth in Christ 

Men of Integrity : Healing from Sex Addiction (Men Only)

Minds Transformed : Living with a Mental Health Challenge  

Interested in an online group?  Contact us with ideas – must have at least 4 participants to begin.

Free Workshops

Various workshops will be offered to teach self-counseling and life skills. Students may attend as many workshops as desired.

We are looking for ideas for Summer 2022.  If you have a group of 4 or more with a particular topic in mind, contact us!

Have an idea for one? Contact us.

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