Counseling Services for the Houston Area Community

In case of emergency, see Crisis and Emergency Resources.

Training Clinic – OPENING IN 2022!

People from all faiths/spiritual backgrounds are welcome.

Services are provided by Gideon Institute trainees, who are graduate students in our MACC and MACP programs.  All trainees are under the supervision of the Gideon Counseling Center director, licensed therapists, and Gideon Institute faculty.

Clients benefit from low-cost, high quality counseling services while our graduate students gain experience in providing Christian psychological services.

For training and supervision purposes, counseling and testing services are video-recorded with client consent. Video-recordings are kept in secure, HIPAA compliant physical and electronic locations along with all other clinic records.  Recordings are only viewed by our trainees and their supervisors.

Individual Sessions – Adults, Couples, and Children

Gideon Institute Trainees provide individual sessions:

  • In-Person appointments
  • Online appointments to Houston Area residents
  • By appointment only
  • Based on availability
  • Counseling Fees

Psychological Testing

Gideon Institute Trainees provide the following testing/evaluations to adults and children:

  • Aptitude testing
  • Personality testing
  • Achievement testing
  • Vocational testing

The Gideon Counseling Center does not provide any forensic or court ordered testing, including but not limited to custody evaluations or applications for disability benefits.  

Support Groups

Free Support Groups meet weekly.

Community Support Groups

  1. Minds Transformed: for those living with a mental health challenge
  2. Hearts Transformed: female only – for survivors of sexual trauma/domestic violence
  3. Christian Recovery: Christ-centered 12-step group for those struggling with addiction


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