Accepting Your Award Offer

When your Financial Aid package is available for review, you will need to accept, reduce, or decline your financial aid offer(s).

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Accept, Reduce, or Decline Your Financial Aid

  1. Go to and login to Husky Net with the User Name and Password.
  2. Select the Financial Aid tab.
  3. Select Award and then Award for Aid Year.
  4. Choose the appropriate Award Year and click Submit.
  5. On the Award Package page, move through all of the tabs starting from left to right.
  6. Follow the instructions on each page, answering the questions, and finishing with the Accept Award Offer tab. 

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Complete Your Missing Requirements

View Missing Requirements

  1. Go to and login to Husky Net with the User Name and Password.
  2. Click on the Financial Aid Tab
  3. Select Eligibility
  4. Requirements will be listed under the Unsatisfied Requirements. Direct links will be provided. 

Financial Aid Verification and Texas Residency Questionnaire

To complete verification items, you will be redirected to

  • Follow the prompts to register your account in VerifyMyFAFSA. This will allow you to submit and sign forms electronically in a secure format.
  • To register your account, all information must match your FAFSA information, including the email you provided. If a parent’s signature is required on the forms, then the parents that are listed on the FAFSA must be the individuals to create an account on VerifyMyFAFSA to electronically sign.
  • Make sure to save all login information for both student and parent. This will be an account you will use for the duration of your time at HBU.

Federal Loan Requirements

To complete Entrance Counseling (EC) and Master Promissory Note (MPN) for accepted loans, you will be redirected to Learn more about loan requirements.

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