Personnel Directory

  • Stephanie Free 281-649-3214 Assistant Professor of Education, Chair, Department of Education
  • Lesli Fridge, EdD 281-649-3307 Assistant Professor of Education, Director, Professional Certifications and Degrees
  • Angelia Durand, EdD 281-649-3036 Associate Professor of Education, Program Coordinator for Curriculum and Instruction without Certification (MEd), Curriculum and Instruction with Certification (MEd), Program Coordinator for Reading (MEd), Program Coordinator for Alternative Certification Program, Program Coordinator, English Language Arts and Reading (4-8)
  • Michael Cook, PhD 281-649-3748 Associate Professor of Counseling, Chair, Department of Counseling, Director, Gideon Institute of Christian Psychology and Counseling, Program Coordinator for Christian Counseling (MA) and Christian Psychology (MA), Program Coordinator for Marriage and Family Therapy (MA), Program Coordinator for Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA), and Professional School Counselor
  • Kristina Cerling, EdD 281-649-3322 Professor of Education, Dean, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences
  • James Bevers, EdD 281-649-3128 Assistant Professor of Education
  • Matiko Austin, PhD Assistant Professor of Psychology, Co-Chair, Department of Psychology
  • Vicki Alger 281-649-3113 Assistant Professor of Psychology, Director, Academic Licensure for the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Program Coordinator, Psychology (BA and Minor) and Psychology (UG) (Online), Co- Chair, Department of Psychology
  • Sarah Alaniz, EdD 281-649-3074 Assistant Professor of Education, Director, Center for Learning Innovations and Teaching Excellence (C-LITE), Program Coordinator for Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Technology (MEd), Program Coordinator for Learning, Technology, and Design (MS)
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