Yuri Yatsenko, PhD

  • Professor of Business
  • Content Expert for Data Analytics


  • PhD in Mathematics & Computer Sciences, Kiev State University (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • Dr.Sci. in Mathematics, Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of USSR (Moscow)
  • MS in Physics, Kiev State University (Kiev, Ukraine)

Courses Taught

  • Information Systems and Data Analytics
  • Management Information Systems
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Mathematics
  • International Business
  • Global Project Management
  • Executive Communications/ Information Strategies
  • Practical Management Science (Quantitative Methods II)
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Leveraging Technologies for New Businesses
  • Business Networks
  • Introduction to Computers Applications
  • Web Design, Visual Basic, OOP with C++

Teaching Focus

Dr. Yatsenko’s teaching focuses on introducing his students to modern scientific and information technologies and their efficient use. During his career, he was a professor at science, technology and business schools in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Canada, USA and held senior analyst positions at international companies in USA and Canada. Since 2002, Dr. Yatsenko is a professor of Houston Baptist University and teaches in the areas of Quantitative Methods, Business Analytics, and Information Systems.


Dr. Yuri Yatsenko is an internationally recognized expert in modeling and optimization of economic, industrial, and environmental systems, technological change, innovations, operations research, and data analytics. He has been engaged in long-term collaboration with leading universities of USA, France, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Japan.

International visibility of Dr. Yatsenko’s research is exposed in his web profiles:


Dr. Yatsenko published eight books and more than 200 research papers in top-ranked journals such as J. Optimization Theory and Applications, J. Economic Theory, J. Systems Sciences, Nonlinear Analysis, J. Production Economics, J. Production Research, Environment and Resource Economics, Energy Economics, Ecological Economics, Mathematical Biosciences, J. Computational and Applied Mathematics, International Transactions in Operational Research, Math Methods of Operations Research, Optimization, J. Supercomputing, Applied Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical and Computer Modeling, Operations Research Letters, J. Economic Dynamics and Control, J. Mathematical Economics, Engineering Economist, Forest Science, J. Bioeconomics, Mathematical Population Studies, Applied Mathematics Letters, Discrete Dynamics in the Nature and Society, IMA J. Management Mathematics, J. Industrial and Management Optimization, J. Biological Systems, Cybernetics, and J. Soviet Mathematics.

Additional Information

After joining HBU in 2002, Dr. Yatsenko made plenary and sectional talks at more than 40 national and international conferences and workshops.

Dr. Yatsenko is actively engaged in international scientific collaboration.  He lectured at universities in the USA, Canada, Belgium, France, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan.

Dr. Yatsenko is on Editorial Boards of six international journals including Mathematical Population Studies (Taylor & Francis, UK).  He has been reviewer of “Mathematical Reviews” (USA) since 1992.

In 1990-1996, Dr. Yatsenko was a department head at the Cybernetics Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (Kiev).  He supervised 10 doctoral students from 1988-96, six of them obtained their PhD degrees (in Mathematics, Economics and Computer Sciences) under his supervision.  In 2005-2009, Dr. Yatsenko supervised four doctoral students for Eurasian National University (Astana, Kazakhstan), who obtained their PhD degrees in Information Systems and Economics.

Dr. Yatsenko has served as a member of HBU’s SACS Accreditation Committee, the University’s Research and Development Council , HBU Professional Development Committee, HBU Portal Committee, and the University’s Medical Professions Advisory Committee.

Dr. Yatsenko enjoys reading and writing, traveling and spending time with his family.