Tyler McNabb

Assistant Professor of Philosophy


  • PhD, Philosophy, University of Glasgow
  • MA, Philosophy of Religion, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • BA, Biblical Studies, Criswell

Teaching Focus

McNabb’s areas of specialization are Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology, and Comparative Philosophy.


  • ‘warranted religion: answering objections to Alvin Plantinga’s epistemology,’ Religious Studies 51 (2015): 477-495.
  • With Tyler Taber, ‘Is Divine Hiddenness a Problem for the Reformed epistemologist?’ Heythrop Journal, forthcoming.
  • With Erik Baldwin, ‘An Epistemic Defeater for Islamic Belief?'(Routledge) International Journal of Philosophy and Theology, published online January 29, 2016, forthcoming in print.
  • With Erik Baldwin, ‘Reformed Epistemology and the Pandora’s Box Objection: The Vaiśeṣika and Mormon Traditions,’ forthcoming in Philosophia Christi.
  • With Erik Baldwin, ‘From Theology to Theodicy: A Defense of Felix Culpa,’ in Evil – And Some of its Theological Problems, eds. John Gilhooly and Ben Arbour (Cambridge Scholars Publishing), forthcoming.
  • With Max Andrews, ‘Belief and Trust in the Fog of War and Lies: The Case of Catelyn and Brienne,’ in Ultimate Game of Thrones Philosophy Book, eds. Eric Silverman and Robert Arp (Open Court Publishing Company), forthcoming.

Additional Information

Previous/Current Professional Positions

  • Associate Professor of Philosophy/Houston Baptist University
  • Tutor/University of Glasgow
  • Adjunct Instructor/Southeastern University
  • Adjunct Instructor/Edgecombe Community College
  • Member of Evangelical Philosophical Society

Personal Interests or Hobbies

Evangelism, Politics, Superheroes, and Video Games.

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