Timothy Brookins, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Classics and Biblical Languages
  • Program Coordinator for Biblical Languages (BA), Classics (BA), Latin (BA)
  • Program Coordinator for Biblical Languages (MA), and Classics and Early Christianity (MA)


  • PhD, Religion / New Testament, Baylor University
  • Post-Bacc, Classics, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  • MDiv, Biblical Languages, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • BS, Communications, James Madison University

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • Greek Grammar I
  • Greek Grammar II
  • Greek Readings and Syntax I-II
  • Advanced Studies in Greek
  • Latin I
  • Latin II
  • Latin Readings in Vergil
  • Latin Readings in Roman Philosophers
  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Western Civilization I
  • Pauline Epistles (graduate class)
  • Apostolic Fathers (graduate class)
  • Greek Readings and Syntax I-II (graduate classes)
  • Advanced Studies in Greek (graduate class)
  • Second Temple Judaism (graduate class)
  • Classics and Christianity (graduate class)
  • Greco-Roman Philosophy (graduate class)
  • Greco-Roman Religions (graduate class)

Teaching Focus

Dr. Brookins specializes in early Christianity, with a primary specialization in the Pauline epistles. Other areas of interest include Greco-Roman philosophy and Greco-Roman rhetoric.


Dr. Brookins has presented papers at numerous professional meetings, including the annual meetings of the Classical Association of the Midwest and South (CAMWS), the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), the American Academy of Religion (AAR), and the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion (NABPR).


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Select articles

“The Alleged ‘Letter Allegedly from Paul’: The Parallel Function of ὡς δι’ ἡμῶν in 2 Thess. 2.2.” Journal for the Study of the New Testament 44 (2021).

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