Michael Robinson, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Government
  • Assistant Director, Center for Law and Liberty


  • PhD in Political Science, University of Houston
  • MA in Political Science, Louisiana State University
  • BA in Political Science, Louisiana State University

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Political Theory
  • Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
  • Modern Political Thought
  • American Political Thought
  • United States and Texas Government
  • The Future of Citizenship
  • The American Presidency
  • Religion and Politics
  • The Politics of Guns
  • History of the Middle East
  • Comparative Politics
  • World Politics

Teaching Focus

Dr. Robinson’s primary teaching interests are political philosophy and American government, though he enjoys teaching across the spectrum of political science, including international relations and comparative politics.


He has published in VoegelinView and is working on a book on John Locke’s influence on American political culture.

Research Interests

His primary research interest pertains to the influence of political philosophy upon culture and civic virtue.

Previous Professional Jobs

Robinson previously held the position of Assistant Professor of Political Science at King University in Bristol, TN, where he was selected as the 2015 Faculty Member of the Year and selected in 2016 to deliver the annual Faculty Lecture to the student body.  He also serves as Associate Editor to VoegelinView.  He has also given numerous presentations at academic conferences including the American Political Science Association and the Association for Political Theory.

Additional Information

Dr. Robinson is an avid outdoorsman who may often be found fly-fishing or bow-hunting for some type of wild game or another.  He also enjoys hiking, bird-watching, and gardening with his wife Jill.