Melissa Travis, PhD

Assistant Professor of Apologetics


  • PhD, Humanities (Philosophy), Faulkner University
  • MA, Science and Religion, Biola University
  • BS, Biology, Campbell University

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Special Topics in Science and Faith
  • Philosophical Apologetics
  • Apologetics Frameworks
  • Ancient Culture and Philosophy

Teaching Focus

The integration of reason and the Christian faith; the importance of intellectual history in applied apologetics


“Science and Religion in America: 1865-1945” in American Religious History: Belief and Society Through Time Vol. 2 (ABC-CLIO, 2020).
“A Glorious Resonance: The Intelligibility of Nature and the Imago Dei” in The Story of the Cosmos (Harvest House, 2019).
Science and the Mind of the Maker: What the Conversation Between Faith and Science Reveals About God (Harvest House, July 2018)
Contributing Writers Team at Christian Research Journal
How Do We Know God is Really There? (Apologia Press, 2013)
How Do We Know God Created Life? (2014)
How Do We Know Jesus is Alive? (2015)
How Do We Know Right and Wrong? (2016)
These comprise the Young Defenders series, illustrated storybooks that teach the fundamentals of Christian apologetics to young children.

Additional Information

Dr. Travis has special research and teaching interests in the philosophy and theology related to scientific and mathematical thought in the Western tradition and contemporary thought. She has an active speaking and writing ministry, and blogs at

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